Latinos over 50 spend more on cosmetics, but feel ignored

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Miami – Hispanics over 50 spend twice as much on beauty products on average as the general population, however they feel that this powerful industry ignores them, as reflected in a survey released Wednesday.

A study prepared by AARP reveals that although Hispanics from the age of 50 and up spend about seven thousand dollars a year on these types of products, 69% of them say that, “the beauty and personal appearance industry treats people their age as secondary”.

Latinos in that age group spend an average of $46 per month on this type of aesthetic product, while the general population allocates about $25 per month.

When compared to the general population in the same age group, the differences soar: Latinos over 50 spend 84% more money and spend 38% more time on beauty and personal care every day.

Despite this, 76% of them feel that older people are underrepresented in advertising, that is, they are not reflected in advertising, nor do they find the diversity they would like in the products offered.

“An overwhelming majority (88%) of Latina women 40 and older want to see more premenopausal and menopausal beauty and personal appearance products, especially hair and skin care products,” notes the national study, “Latinos and Beauty as We Age: A Cultural Reflection“.

Checking in with more than 700 Hispanics over 18 years of age, the survey reveals that “Hispanics over 50 years of age want images in advertising and in the media to include more people their age”, and in fact 84% of those survexyed would be more willing to buy a brand that shows people their age in their ads.

TV presenter Giselle Blondet, author of the book “I’m 50… So What?” told EFE that, “most of the images that appear in the media tend to be based on old-fashioned stereotypes that do not reflect those older than 50 today. “

“They show lonely people, who do not stay active or who are aware of trends, and the figures show otherwise,” said Blondet.

A kind of activist of what she calls, “a new image of aging in advertising, marketing and the media”, the Puerto Rican says that Hispanics over 50 play, “a crucial part in showing the new face of aging” , celebrating every year of life without allowing oneself to fall into the stereotypes with which they are represented.

“I, at 55, have just become a grandmother, and I feel that I am more active than ever,” she said.

The study by AARP, a non-profit organization that addresses the needs and interests of people over 50, shows that 71% of them feel that the images that appear in the media are discriminatory to older people.