Portland is recognized as the best gastronomic city in the United States

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Portland, Oregon – The city of Portland, Oregon, was recognized Monday as the best and most affordable local dining scene in the United States, even ahead of major cities such as New York, Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles, according to a report of the consulting firm WalletHub.

According to the study, gastronomy experts now not only crave new and different flavors, but also consider that you must enjoy the experience of eating and the price of the dishes comes into play.

WalletHub compared more than 180 cities in the US taking into account thirty markers, ranging from accessibility to high-quality restaurants, to local events such as food festivals or craft breweries and wineries.

According to the research, between July 2018 and the month of 2019, restaurant prices increased by 3.2%, 2015 being the year in which Americans began to spend more on restaurants than on buying food in supermarkets.

These values ​​continue to increase since eating at home can be more expensive, depending on both the cost of local life and the type and quality of the ingredients used to make daily menus.

Portland ranked first in the categories of coffee shops and local tea shops per capita and is the most affordable and accessible city in terms of high-end restaurants in all cities.

In addition, it occupies the sixth place in terms of number of restaurants per capita and the tenth city with better specialty or gourmet food stores.

In the general context and among the five cities with the best cuisine, they are followed by New York, Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

In the worst positions were located West Valley City, in the state of Utah; Augusta, in Georgia; Jackson, in Mississippi; Juneau in Alaska, and Pearl City, in Hawaii.