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Summer’s end is being indicated by this Labor Day weekend and by school’s beginning their annual academic training schedule. Youth under age 18 are required to be enrolled in some education and training process, usually at a public-school system (district).

A general theme needs to be stated: The reality is that elementary, middle and high school education processes really are the beginning of an individual’s capability to learn from their own life’s journey and experience. What is very essential is to learn to communicate effectively along with the acquisition of a system of logic which enables decisions to be made.

Much of what a child learns about what is right (or wrong) happens in the home which is why a child with only a single parent ends up being disadvantaged. The example provided by fathers (the male) and mothers (female) are gender oriented. Thus, a child raised by one parent, usually the mother, does not experience the many examples of human male behavior which traditionally focusses upon being the principal provider for the family unit. This family unit is the building block seen in all cultures and societies. Couples who married and begat children have a responsibility to do everything to stay together as a family unit for the sake of the children and their educational up-bringing. It is this family unit, which is ethically, morally and legally responsible for their children.

After all, education of any child begins at home and is traditionally initiated by the mother who teaches a child its initial language skills when nursing. Communication and relationship skills are very important because both influence an individual’s ability and capacity to learn a vocabulary.

What a child learns at home from parents is a basic social vocabulary which is used to enable inter-personal relationships. The most important thing to learn is the capability and ability to “know when you do not know coupled with an ability to ask questions addressed to someone who becomes your mentor.

While schools focus on teaching socialization skills, reading, writing and mathematics, the motivational forces which push or drive an individual’s learning is usually enabled by the parental training skills. It is very important to never squash a child’s curiosity and to always enhance a child’s safety and security.

Today, many electronic devices exist which enable the education process especially by providing easy access to the current state of the art knowledge and information which is archived in public libraries. Business mogul Andrew Carnegie was very instrumental in the establishment of a public library in each community. By making knowledge very accessible, the American society became highly informed which enabled its skilled labor capacity along with its ability and capability to be creative and innovative. It takes knowledge to enable those efforts which resolve current issues.

While everyone is uniquely endowed with his/her own potential, its development depends upon learning the basics: Reading, writing and mathematics. I would add one more: Learn the vocabulary pertinent to your personal interests. Especially learn basic communication skills, business’s ethical practices; and the management of your cash flow (financial management). The management of the resources available to you for your personal development and use is very essential.

No impoverished individual today needs to feel limited to being able to become informed and educated. However, the first steps are to determine what you want to do with your future life, and do not be afraid to try becoming a professional in any field. One essential is to learn the learner’s vocabulary for that field first because that enables one to begin the conversation with experts or to acquire the knowledge by reading and attending courses.

I am very proud of my brother Michael, a high school graduate, who became a self-taught expert about firebricks.  These are special bricks used to line furnaces which produce and handle motel metals at temperatures exceeding 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. These refractory bricks enable basic metal industry, especially the steel industry. Mike, a bricklayer, a laborer, became an expert known to the steel industry whose management would call him out of retirement to come look at this situation when university degreed consultants could not resolve an issue. Mike was self-taught in refractory brickworks; smelting of metals, and the industrial processes involved – and he usually resolved the issues he was asked to look at as a consultant. But then, Mike had become a multi-disciplinary expert who knew not only his refractory knowledge, but also smelting processes; and those processes used by metal producing industries, Mike had become a multi-disciplinary steel production expert who learned to do more than just lay those refractory brickworks.  Mike’s proudest moment was when he was asked to be a consultant at a steel mill located in Monterey, Mexico. And he did resolve their problem which had been looked at by metallurgists and engineers who had book-learning’, but no applied experiences.

I bring Mike’s acquired expertise up, because many impoverished individuals can find work at the bottom of the career ladder, just like Mike. But, when each employee begins to observe and ask questions about the knowledgebase being used, then, over time, you may develop a knowledge base which is very valuable and useful. Ant it enables you to earn your keep.

This Labor Day Holiday may be used by you to resolve to learn more about the work you do in the current employment you have. Production processes; supply systems; retail systems; etc. all are based upon past experiences which are proven productive and effective. Many of these cannot be demonstrated in the classroom or described effectively in textbooks. It takes a hands-on approach to learn (ang be willing to share your knowledge with colleagues who reciprocate the know-how information sharing process. This is what gives American skilled labor it’s superiority. Never just go through the motions of doing the work on your job. That work may teach you more than you learned in school. Understand that this process is an example of learning from life for life’s living enhancement.

My recommendation is for youth to stay in school because your job is to learn how to learn from your life’s experiences, and you will have those experiences. Learn to use knowledge’s facts and paradigms. Be willing to take reasonable risks to learn what field is for you and know that as you mature with experiences you will expand and change, but never lose your integrity nor curiosity.

Do enjoy your Labor Day Holiday. I hope you commit to learning from your own life’s experiences.  Understand that your basic education will provide you with the skills needed so stay in school to learn those skills very well. Finally, it is in school where you will make friends and associate with colleagues who will provide you with references and referrals essential to being successful. Success requires an ability to form and be part of productive relationships.  Enjoy your Labor Day Holiday!