Needed Follow-ups Following the Robert Mueller Report

Hilbert Morales | EL OBSERVADOR
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National Public Radio (KQED FM 88.5, San Francisco, CA) broadcast on July 24, 2019, the entire Robert Mueller personal testimony (about three hours) when questioned by Democratic members of the House’s Judiciary Committee, Jerry Nadler, Chairman. A Republican Judicial Committee also interviewed Mueller with the obvious goal of protecting Trump. No questions were asked about nepotism and the Constitutional requirement that a sitting President not profiteer from information available to the Oval Office.

The following is a summary of the Democratic Judicial Committee written by Congressman Jerry Nadler (D-NY 10th Congressional District):

“Robert Mueller testified (on 07.24.2019) about his (448 page) report and told the American people directly (that) his report did not exonerate the President.”

“What Robert Mueller demonstrated (during) the hearing is that the investigation was as far as you can get from the “hoax” (or wild goose chase characterizations of the) Republicans who are making it out to be.”

(Explicitly:) “Mueller and his team indicted 37 individuals and entities, detailed 10 instances where evidence exists revealing the President (Trump) obstructed justice, and showed that the President repeatedly instructed people (supportive associates) to lie for him and cover up the truth.”

“Mueller also made clear: If this was anyone else, they would have been) prosecuted.”

Nadler and Daily Kos asked, “for constituent support to protect our investigation and stand against Republican attempts to place President Trump above the law.” (Recommend checks made out to EO, 1025 West Hedding Street, Suite 1025, San Jose, CA 95126; identify by a note (JN-Daily Kos); Proceeds will be forwarded).

“Fox News, Breitbart and the rest of the right-wing (conservative) propaganda machine have proven they are willing to go to any length to prevent Trump from facing (appropriate responsible) accountability. Their excuses for President Trump are getting crazier and more out of touch with reality every day.”

“It’s more important than ever that we refuse to allow their authoritarian strongman tactics to distract the American public from our investigation into the activity laid out in the Mueller report (which establishes Soviet interference during the recent 2016 election.”

“That’s why (Jerry Nadler is) asking you for your help to protect the investigation into President Trump’s conduct and (all the) evidence that (Trump) obstructed justice.”

(Congress member Jerry Nadler (D-NY’s 10th District) “will continue to follow the facts where they lead and consider all appropriate remedies. There must be (responsible) accountability for (this President’s) behavior described in Mueller’s report and in his testimony today.”

“No one is above the law.”

“It’s time my Republican colleagues put the interests of America over their desire to protect Donald Trump from (responsible) accountability. America deserves better.”

“Thank you for defending our democracy,” (signed) Jerry Nadler.

The second Republican Judicial Investigation Committee public hearing; was really an attempt to find ways to undercut the Mueller Report. As already indicated, many false facts and fake news tactics were employed by Trump supporters who have forgotten that the U.S. Constitution ask citizens to support and practice ideals embedded in the U.S. Constitution. These Trump fanatics demonstrate their loyalty to Mr. Trump, an individual who is a misogynist, xenophobic, White racist supremacist.

This Mueller Report, now exposed to all Americans, must be the platform that motivates 218+ Congressional members of the House of Representatives to approve the actions needed to draft essential elements of Article of Impeachment  This action will ensure that when Donald Trump is no longer a sitting President”, he will be provided due process under the existing laws of the land and held responsible and accountable for his Trump Administration’s actions. All accomplished without distractive fake news and destructive personal attacks.

Mueller’s Report documents the fact that those close associates and supporters who actually did the dirty work were the individuals who already have been indicted, received due process in a court having jurisdiction and sentenced accordingly. A mystery to me is how this con artist gets reasonable professionals to be totally loyal to him who ends up throwing them under the bus

So Daily Kos is launching a targeted ad campaign to FORCE swing-district Republicans to support impeachment. But we need $40,000 to pay for our ads! If we fail, we’ll have to take these ads down and Trump could be President for 5 and a half more years!!

El Observador has been contacted by The League of Women Voters who will lead this organization’s effort to get out the ethnic vote  I asked LWV to first place a paid advertisement in EO to demonstrate their commitment (I was informed they have a budget item for this). I no longer will help those who present themselves just before an election asking for EO’s community support; and then deliver NADA (prime example: Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation which could have been given some attention during the 2009-10 Obama Administration era when Democrats had a Democratic President (Obama) plus Democratic majorities in both the Senate and the House).

Since 1986, when EO first began tracking immigration issues, no progressive resolution has been accomplished. For the constituents of Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (CA-19 Congressional District), she will be home during August. Siren and Somos Mayfair leaders could ask pertinent questions then. It could be time to elect a successor; Zoe has been in elected office some 24 years and this ‘trucker’s daughter’ is now a multi-millionaire. What has been done for her constituents, many of whom are low income folks of color.

My point is simple: It is time the Latino voter, especially its millennial cohorts who face job losses via automation and robotics, must ask, “What have you done? What do you propose to do to mitigate job losses and income/wealth disparities? Who will speak up for these neglected issues? It may necessary for each and every one of you to decide to vote during the forthcoming March 2020 Primary election here in California.

No Latino organization has stepped up to ask those reality concerns which impact the local Latino community. League of United Latin American Citizens; American GI Forum; La Raza Roundtable; Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, none have asked these impertinent concerns  Gentrification, especially the housing shortage (a base for rising rents) and very large corporate centers (Amazon, Google, and Apple) will attract about 40,000 hi-tech employees (most of whom are male WASPS.

Women and ethnic minorities are not being encouraged to become hi-techies. Local corporations need to adopt personnel policies and goals and allocate funds to do effective meaningful outreach to millennial youths of color. White males who are hi-tech tend to associate with their own kind’, this cohort needs to be encouraged to become mentors to at least one individual of color (or female).

Nothing will happen without executive planning, allocation of resources; and implementation of those plans). It is good business to strive for a skilled labor force which is employable, and which reflects the very diversity of the existing communities already here in residence. I predict the homeless issue will become moot when these employment plans are implemented.

Our South Bay community merits some compassionate attention because it was their resident’s work which transformed this Valley of the Heart’s Delight into Silicon Valley which is acclaimed globally for its innovation, creativity and diversity. It is here in Silicon Valley where many cultures, ethnic groups, and religions live as one community.

Let’s not allow corporate concerns to become the most influential; nor allow to let big money buy us out. As Emiliano Zapata said, “It is better to struggle on your feet, than to be compliant and submissive on your knees.” Who speaks up for Latino community concerns? It must be the registered Latino voter who learns all about that new Vote by Mail process which will be implemented come March 2020’s Primary Election.

IT IS TIME TO SPEAK UP WITH YOUR LATINO VOTE! DECIDE AND PLAN TO DO THAT. Let’s not be diverted for governance issues right here at home by the national issues such as the Mueller Report and U.S. Congressional inaction which deals with issues, We, The People face daily.