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Recently state legislatures have passed legislation which prohibit abortion once a fetal heartbeat becomes evident. These state legislative bodies and the state governors who sign off on legislation passed, which established that abortion-prohibiting as the public policy of the state having jurisdiction, are all male elected official dominated.

In one state, that legislature had three women as elected officials. All three women chose not to speak up during the brief deliberation debates. I know of no hearings, no input by medical experts in the fields of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Ob-Gyn); and no posting of these proposed public policy for a 30-day “review and comments” period by professionals or residents. Were women provided an opportunity to voice their perspectives and concerns?

CA’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra wrote, “Going after abortion rights. Blocking access to birth control (products and services). Attempts (continue) to dismantle the entire Affordable Care Act (2010 ObamaCare)… These conservative attacks threaten access to health care for millions. And while California leads the fight in standing up to these assaults, we (Californians) can’t let Big Pharma sneak by for their role in blocking access to (affordable) healthcare, too.” (Source: Xavier Becerra, Email 05.27.2019)

As a former military surgical-medical technician, I attended some 300 live births and personally witnessed the human birthing process in a military hospital which provided health care services to the military, their families and Foreign Affairs personnel, and others as authorized during the Occupation of Japan (1946-’49).

Later, in my life’s journey, I married Ruth Palmisano and we had three children (two girls and a boy). Finally, my professional career included two medical schools and three major medical centers.

Let me be direct: Male elected officials must not be allowed to limit a woman’s right to decide or choose any action or non-action which involves human reproduction except for making public policy which impacts their own vas deferens, testicles and penis.

Too many males are simply sperm donors who do not fully participate as a father and supportive partner to his wife and children.

Men need to take into account that when a woman decides to have a family, she commits her entire being, body and soul, to getting pregnant; experiencing a 9-month gestation process which ideally should contain prenatal and postnatal care; and following the birthing experiences, remains committed to nurturing her child for the next 18 years.

During all this, it would be very good for the mother (woman) to have the full support of her partner because she will need respite relief periods, support and companionship, all provided with respect and a dignified caring loving commitment.

Idealogues who think they can direct and control human reproductive activities and processes are simply and totally wrong. They have over-reached their jurisdiction into intimate marriage and family areas which involve community, culture and religious beliefs (mine is Christian).

I am aware that each nation has population officials who are rightly concerned about birth rates which maintain that nation’s population or allow it to grow or shrink. Their concern is about that nation’s skilled labor pool and its impact upon its domestic economy.

Those nations which permit immigrants to become residents and citizens experience the most healthy and creative populations because inbreeding results in the expression of too many limiting biological issues. Cultures which accept and allow some mixed racial/cultural marriages, experience what geneticists term hybrid vigor.

It is NOT a good practice to limit human relationships. This is why incest and rape are taboo in many societies. (As exemplified by certain royal families). In-breeding results in the expression of several recessive genes, lung cystic fibrosis is an example. Today, the entire human genome has been established using the basic DNA technology established by Dr. Arthur Kornber, M.D., Nobel Prize 1959.

Legislative bodies (U.S. Congress and all State legislatures) would be well advised to deal with establishment of a comprehensive health care service system which is available to all residents and which includes both female and male reproduction services and research.

Instead of limiting resources such as curtailment of Planned Parenthood budgets (only 3% of all their funds are expended supporting abortion issues), encourage women to practice life styles which include balanced nutrition, exercise, an employment vocation or profession, religious, community, and public policy involvement & activities.

It is very important to provide for community safety and security. Let’s eliminate gun violence and domestic violence which kills many women. Provide funding for safe havens from domestic violence. Most important is to provide homes, child care programs, and education (pre-K to 12th grade) and beyond.

It is simply not right to craft laws which make abortions a criminal activity resulting in the loss of licenses, clinics, mental and behavioral counseling services, etc.

Since women, as mothers, need to be supported and provided access to respites from being fully responsible, these issues require governance and resources. After all, in our Judeo-Christian value system, human life is price-less – and what is also very essential is the human relationships which a child needs to experience and learn.

All of these issues require some level of expertise which is organized and transferred through an appropriate education process incorporated into community programs.

Parents need to be taught parenting skills; the head of household needs to have vocational skills enabling the earning of a living income. The raising of a child in a family setting may be an ideal which needs more attention and supportive services.

In the past, the prohibition of abortions have resulted in an underground unmonitored service system which is unaffordable to many women. Today, many have forgotten the extent of human suffering (death of pregnant women; suicides; lack of delivery of services and expertise needed in a licensed clinic that practices infection control, etc.)

Where possible, an unwanted child could be put up for adoption as many couples are childless and want to adopt a child as their own.

If laws are needed, take the essential steps to permit religious and cultural input by all. Let existing standards continue to exist, especially Roe vs Wade already adjudicated years ago by the U.S. Supreme Court.

I favor the inclusion and involvement of women in crafting those laws which deal with families, human reproduction, and health care. Women have a different perspective and scope of experience which needs to be tapped when dealing with issues that involve their female bodies.

Since 1920, women have been full citizens with their right to vote. It is essential that the silent majority and all women use their voting power to elect more progressive elected officials who will enact legislation which enables and empowers rather than dominates and controls. It is possible to stop ideologues who want to dominate and control by voting for elected officials who are progressive women who will speak up and push back those wrongful approaches to human reproduction.

One thing is certain: Women’s issues and their perspectives must be listened to and included if we want the general status of any community to improve. Trust a woman to make the right decisions especially when it comes to dealing with issues impacting her own body.

Remember: It is the female of the species who produces the next generation. A woman’s right to decide and choose must be respected, allowed, and supported. When mothers are happy and content, life is good.