Opinion by Hilbert Morales
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Hilbert Morales

According to a news release by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Trump Administration has filed a lawsuit which will declare the 2010 Affordable Care Act (aka: ObamaCare) unconstitutional. I cannot envision a more destructive act which targets the health care system which provides health care services to an estimated 25 million low-income working-class folks.

One of the responsibilities of government is to do what is possible to sustain a healthy work force essential to business and manufacturing operations. America is the only developed nation which does not have a national comprehensive health care system already established providing health care services to its population.

Access to health care services, beginning with preventive care and health education, is of paramount importance in sustaining the nation’s population.

An opponent to the establishment of a national health care system is the health care insurance industry whose insurance revenues would be sharply curtailed whenever a comprehensive health care system is established. Its profits were reduced when the 2010 Affordable Care Act (aka: ObamaCare) decreed that those with existing health care issues could not be denied insurance coverage. In addition, children could remain insured on a parent’s policy until age 26.

Many insurance firms were cherry-picking clients so as to minimize payouts for required medical services. The Big Pharma prescription drug industry would have to disclose its current high pricing practices which result in high profits. A national Comprehensive Health Care system would also impact profits realized.

Health care is today a business which contributes 19% to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Much of its basic research is subsidized by federal government agencies such as the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health – all administered by the Department of Health & Human Services. Standards need establishment for the “continuum of care” system needed to address health issues from “cradle to grave”. Use of the “profit decision making model” does not deal with those sectors resulting in very low or no profits. Therefore, government must fill that void.

President Trump needs a legislative victory to point to with pride as he progresses down the campaign road vying for a second term.

Folks will need to become ready to vote for their choice as the next President as the quickest way to stop the Trump Administration’s dismantling of prior legislatively established governance and related regulations and oversight. The outcome of the 2020 election needs to result in having Democrats in control of the White House, Senate and House of Representatives. In addition to repairs and restorative actions to get things back in some order that benefits more than the top 0.1%.

I recommend the four legislative goals be: 1) Establishment of the Comprehensive National Health Care System (with single payor) and 2) Resolution of National Immigration Issues by, at the minimum, establishment of a legal status for those 11.5 million undocumented already here; 3) Address this nation’s neglected infra-structures and 4) deal with the substantial influence of the Military-Industrial Complex because military power is so wasteful of resources which are better applied elsewhere.

What has made “America Great” is its consumer economy which is not being nourished by the Trump Administration as evidenced by lack of middle-class growth. An economy must be nurtured that does not depend upon National Security Issues being resolved with military power. This nation needs to have better stewardship applied to its natural resources which must begin with taking care of its diverse peoples.

We must take advantage of the reality that America’s Constitution is based upon principles and ideals which serve everyone with equity under the laws of this land (which originated in Christian religious dogma).

This nation must continue to have more elected officials who are women because the female of the species is more prone to nurture, negotiate and take care of others, not just themselves. As mothers, women must always consider what their young need and undertake efforts to fulfill those needs. Women use authority, power, and resources with different purposes in mind. Men tend to build empires and demand loyalty to themselves rather than to ideals and principles which serve us all. Women tend to communicate love, understanding, respect and dignity. They naturally negotiate, cooperate, and plan ahead, especially when caring for their young or elders. Humanity would not survive without their efforts.

The development of Information Technology (IT) has created opportunities to develop better distribution systems of essential resources and knowledge (know-how). This earth has enough resources to sustain humanity. The challenge today is to develop the appropriate distributions paradigms. The ones used and developed by men accumulate wealth, power, and authority amongst a small oligarchy which never will favor democracy as a governing process.

(Now) “PELOSI, whose birthday is today (03.26.2019), was feted last night by former President Barack Obama at a reception Pelosi organized for freshman Democrats at the Kalorama home of Esther Coopersmith. Obama kicked off the evening by presenting Pelosi with flowers for her birthday as he led the freshmen in a round of “Happy Birthday.”

“OBAMA: “And the reason I love Nancy is because she combines a deep belief in making this country more just and fairer and better for our kids, with a toughness that is frankly unmet. She knows (how) to fight for her principles, but she also knows the importance of just getting stuff done.” (Source: Playbook Logo by JAKE SHERMAN, ANNA PALMER AND DANIEL LIPPMAN, Email 03.26.2019.”

The reality is that “We, The People” do have a way to ensure that Speaker Nancy Pelosi succeeds in leading a transition to better governance than has been experienced during the past two years. As an electorate, We, the People must continue to be vigilant with monitoring and oversight efforts. And most importantly, vote in every election for those candidates who favor caring for the people and an economy which enables heads of households to support their families and communities.

This means that each of us will take time to become informed enough so that we take care of our responsibilities. We, The People must support this democratic republic so that our kids can enjoy their future without a decrease in the quality of life which has been demonstrated in democracies wherein resources are distributed well and access to opportunity is open to all. The best of times are those where each of us may make choices we want to enjoy. Even work becomes joyful when we made the choice.

Who is best prepared and suited to beat Trump? Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has already demonstrated that skill. And Pelosi is committed to development of youthful leaders who will continue development of this American Democracy as the greatest national power. All she needs is your support and votes delivered when needed. Pelosi will deliver a developed national health care system despite efforts of those who refuse to recognize health care as a humane right. She is already prepared to defend health care for the people. That is a first step.