Second year of school accountability dashboard reveals new indicators and opportunities to improve student educational outcomes

Photo Credit: Unsplash


SAN JOSE, CA – On Thursday December 6, the California Department of Education released the 2018 edition of the California School Dashboard.  The California Dashboard allows users to measure local schools and districts across a number of indicators.

The 2018 Dashboard includes more user-friendly tools and accessible data. In addition, two new indicators have been added: attendance for kindergarten through eighth-grade students and college and career readiness for grades nine through 12. This is the second year of the new state accountability tool, a color based chart that measures district progress in terms of both current status and change over time. Both the status and change affect the measure of each indicator.

“The state reports these important measures annually. The dashboards help us focus our support in areas that need the most improvement and track effective approaches,” stated County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Mary Ann Dewan.

The Dashboard model allows districts to determine the supports they need on a local level, rather than receive an assigned list of supports from the state. School districts will have access to appropriate resources necessary to reduce disparities and address the achievement gaps across different student groups and populations. This custom approach to supports is designed to improve equity across all student populations in the state.

Across the state, school districts will partner with county offices of education to improve specific student outcomes measured in the California School Dashboard.

“This is an important opportunity to collaborate and improve educational outcomes for all students within our county,” added Dr. Dewan.