Professional development program receives ISTE seal of alignment

Photo Credit: Unsplash


SAN JOSE, CA – Last week, Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE) received an official Seal of Alignment from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) for the Professional Innovations Pathways program.

“This certification is granted to programs that support best practices for digital age teaching and learning. We offer a variety of courses to help educators such as digital lesson planning, culturally responsive pedagogies, digital citizenship, and literacy,” stated Craig Blackburn, Director of Education, Business, and Web Technology.

“The Professional Innovation Pathways (PIP) program offers an online and blended learning program to help educators, administrators, and school employees refine their skills on their own time and at their own pace,” added Blackburn.

“We offer digital badging and micro-credentials which allow teachers and administrators to personalize their professional learning to their unique needs and interests.  Digital badges have the added benefit of allowing the learner to showcase their skills to a broad audience, including through social media platforms,” stated Blackburn.

ISTE is the creator and steward of education technology standards. Resources and products that receive the seal of alignment undergo a thorough examination by a panel of education experts. Academic standards are reviewed, for alignment with the skills and knowledge described in the ISTE Standards for Educators. The seal verifies that the resource or product promotes critical technology skills, supports the use of technology in appropriate ways, contributes pedagogically robust use of technology for teaching and learning, and aligns to ISTE Standards.

“Our schools in Santa Clara County strive for innovative, engaging 21st-century classrooms. The Professional Innovation Pathways program provides inclusive, equitable, high-quality professional learning for academic professionals. These programs give teachers an opportunity to refine, enhance and develop their professional practices,” stated County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Mary Ann Dewan.

“Much of the Professional Innovation Pathways program is currently available free of charge, and the coursework is eligible for Professional Development Graduate Level Credit (non-degree applicable) through University of the Pacific (UoP). The cost of each UoP semester unit is currently $70,” added Blackburn.