The Sierra Club Releases Spanish-Language Video Encouraging Latinos to Vote in the Nov. 6 Election

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Sierra Club

Washington, DC — The Sierra Club has just released a Spanish-language video encouraging Latinos to participate in the upcoming November 6th election and to call a bilingual toll-free number to find out where to vote.

The video lists a number of events that have led to extraordinary levels of anxiety and concern for safety in the Latino community nationwide, and encourages voters to have their say at the polls on Election Day. The video also suggests that voters call the bilingual hotline 1-888-VE-Y-VOTA (1-888-839-8682) to find out where to vote and what voting options are available — whether in person, by absentee ballot, or early voting.

“Enough of hearing we Hispanics are criminals, rapist and drug traffickers; that immigrants are here to infest this society,” the video’s narrator says. “They are deporting our families, our neighbors, regardless of their immigration status. They allow polluters to poison our communities and destroy the atmosphere we all depend on. Enough! It’s our turn to answer. It’s our turn to vote on November 6th to defend our pride, our families, our future.”

“An anti-Latino and anti-immigrant wave has swept our country and Latinos fear for our safety and the future of our families in the US,” said Ramón Cruz, a member of the Sierra Club’s National Board of Directors. “But we Latinos will have the opportunity to speak our minds and vote in the November 6th election. It’s our chance to say enough, and vote for the safety, prosperity, and future of our communities across the country.”

The Spanish-language video, including English subtitles, can be viewed here, <>.

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