Arriba el Tri

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Why You Should Cheer on Mexico in the Final 16

Arturo Hilario

El Observador

If your World Cup favorite has moved onto the final 16, congratulations, you are part of the millions of fans who will continue to update their social media for news, interviews and live scores as the games progress into the smaller brackets.

For those that whose team has been faded from the games, in a triumphant last hurrah like South Korea, or those that didn’t qualify, like the US, these are some tough times as a fan. If you plan on joining the ranks of supporters for another team, there are some solid options.

From Messi and Argentina, to Portugal and Ronaldo, the titans of the sport are left to quarrel on the pitch from now until the final game on Sunday July 15th. Until then, there’s still a lot of ball to play, and why not root for the green shirted Mexican roster, who’s victory against previous World Cup winner Germany to start off Russia 2018 was a stunner.

Since then “El Tri” has won against South Korea, only to lose 3-0 this week to an aggressive Sweden. But due to South Korea scoring 2 goals to a scoreless Germany, both teams were eliminated, and this pushed both Sweden and Mexico to move onto the next stage.

This Monday the team in green faces the onslaught of a Brazil that is hungry to get a cup. With Neymar at the helm, it’s on Mexico to be playing on a technical level beyond what they showed on Monday against Sweden if they have a chance at getting through to a fifth game.

Although Mexico has made the World Cup the last 6 times, they have yet to get past the knockout round that is coming up for them on Monday. If they do it, it will be tacos and passionate yelling through the streets.

The fans of the team are on another level if you’ve ever watched a game live or have been around a game viewing. Yes there are a lot of vuvuzelas, beer and sombreros, but there is an undying spirit that makes everyone family during these games. It’s best when they win of course, because a Mexican game celebration is a great example of how to have a soccer party. 

With Colombian coach Juan Carlos Osorio leading Mexico, and high-profile players like goalie Guillermo Ochoa, Javier Hernández, and the winning goal scorer of the Germany game Hirving Lozano, there’s going to be a lot of excitement to expect.

One thing to note for those still questioning why they should sing “Cielito Lindo” at the top of their lungs on Monday morning, Mexico is the sole team left that is part of the CONCACAF coalition. That should gather support as Mexico stands as the representative of the North American confederation. There is camaraderie in supporting CONCACAF, if it were the USA or Panama I’d advise the same.

And if Mexico can get through the battering ram that is Brazil, a certain blue canned alcoholic beverage company will be giving out free drinks that rhyme with “Mud Fight”.

So, with some of the most vocal, festive and intense fans in the world, a great matchup potential against Brazil, Mexico is there for your support if you wish to join la familia of “El Tri”.