East San José School makes California’s list of distinguished schools

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Alpha Schools

Alpha: Cornerstone Academy Preparatory is one of 287 schools throughout the state, 17 in Santa Clara County, named a 2018 California Distinguished School.

The program, which honors California’s most exemplary and inspiring public schools, returns after a three-year break, replacing the California Gold Ribbon Schools Program. Schools selected demonstrate significant gains in narrowing the achievement gap. Strong collaboration between parents and teachers combined with data-driven instruction has led to success at Alpha: Cornerstone, where 96 percent of students identify as Hispanic or Asian and 73 percent are eligible for free- or reduced-lunch.

“At Alpha: Cornerstone, we have a collaborative environment in which everyone works together to ensure each student is supported and growing,” said Principal Emma Bean. “I’m proud of the work of our students, teachers and families who have worked together to create and foster our school.”

Teachers and staff at Alpha: Cornerstone are intentional when it comes to building a culture of trust and positivity. More recently, the school has also become more critical in using data to create the most effective programs and drive classroom instruction, ultimately meeting the needs of their students.

“Alpha Public Schools was built on the idea that all students can succeed. This validates that belief and the progress we’re seeing at Alpha schools,” said John Glover, founder and CEO of Alpha Public Schools. “In this accomplishment, we celebrate the students, families, teachers, support staff, leaders and former and founding members of the community who have built such an amazing learning environment.”

The California Distinguished Schools program returns after Each year, the criteria alternates between K-8 and high school grades. In May, the State Department of Education will honor: Alpha Cornerstone Academy along with other recognized schools at an awards ceremony.

Alpha: Cornerstone Academy Preparatory currently serves K-7 students and will grow to serve K-8 in the fall.

For more information about Alpha Public Schools, please visit alphapublicschools.org.