Happy Hollow Park & Zoo Introduces Original Bilingual Puppet Show

Photo Credit: Happy Hollow Park & Zoo

Popular California Puppet Stage Features New Bilingual Show


San José, CA – Happy Hollow Park & Zoo (HHPZ) brings a new happily ever after to San José. The Puppet Castle Theater at HHPZ debuts a bilingual show of adventure in English and Spanish. 

“Maya la Valiente,” written by HHPZ staff member Stephen Evans, premiered on February 19 at the HHPZ Puppet Castle Theater. In this puppet show, Maya, a shy 8-year-old girl with a big imagination, is playing in her abuela’s (grandmother’s) backyard with her snail friend, Speedy. When her older cousin Bianca taunts Maya, Speedy hides in her abuela’s old shed. Bianca dares Maya to rescue Speedy by disobeying her abuela and going into the shed. Maya must show courage to save her friend.

“The Puppet Castle Theater at Happy Hollow is one of the oldest puppet theaters in California,” said Charlotte Orr, the park’s new Conservation and Communications Manager. “Our puppet shows provide magical experiences for our many guests year-round, and it stays in their memories.”

Families have enjoyed puppet shows at HHPZ since the park opened in 1961, and they continue to be well attended. The Puppet Castle Theater has told classic fairy tales, such as “The Frog Prince,” “Rumpelstiltskin” and “Three Little Pigs.” These fables still stand the test of time, but HHPZ puppet shows have also adapted to San José’s diversity with cultural stories, such as the Native American legend “Coyote’s Giveaway” and now “Maya la Valiente.”