State of CA: Keep Cell Phones Away From Your Body

New guidelines say cell phones put out more RF energy when they are searching for a signal or downloading large files. Photo Credit: d3damon/iStockphoto

Suzanne Potter
California News Service

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – New guidelines from the State of California warn of possible links between cell phones and cancer, and advise people to avoid holding the phone up to their head.

The guidelines released Wednesday say that although there is no definitive link, some studies indicate long-term heavy cell phone use can lead to cancer of the brain, the acoustic nerve and salivary gland, plus low sperm count, headaches and sleep issues.

Elie Marks, director of the California Brain Tumor Association, said she hopes people will finally listen now that the California Department of Public Health is backing up what activists have been saying for years.

“People need to know that cell phones as they are currently used are not safe,” Marks said. “So we need to keep them away from our bodies – not keep them in pockets, not keep them in bras, don’t sleep with them near us at night. Children are especially vulnerable, so this is very helpful.”

The guidelines also recommend that people use a headset or simply text rather than placing calls.

The authors also note that phones put out more RF energy when they are searching for a signal or downloading large files. So they recommend turning your phone off while in a fast-moving car, bus or train, and keeping the phone away from your body while downloading or streaming.

Marks said this document was first prepared seven or eight years ago, and advocates had to sue to get it released.

“The California Department of Public Health sat on this document from pressure from those above them – political appointees, who are influenced by the telecom industry,” she said. “This industry infiltrates just about everywhere.”

The guidelines also recommend taking off headsets when they are not in use because they also release small amounts of RF energy.