Opinion | Photo Credit: Office of Senator Kamala Harris

Hilbert Morales

During this Christian Advent Season, we all need to meditate on the biblical passage (Matthew 20:20- 21) which records that in Zebedee, a mother knelt before Jesus petitioning Him to “Declare that these two sons of mine (James and John) will sit, one at your right hand, and one at your left, in your kingdom.” This mother wanted the very best future for her sons. She began by asking Jesus to give her (and her two sons), the very best. There was no harm in asking. Jesus’s reply resonates even to this day some 2017 years later: “WHOEVER WISHES TO BE GREAT AMONGST YOU MUST BE YOUR SERVANT.”

This week I received the following email (dated 12.04.2017, 12:46pm) from CA’s Senator Kamala Harris, which made me think about our current state in this country.

“Hi, Hilbert

“This weekend I left the Senate floor where the Republicans passed their tax plan after spending the entire day rewriting it in secret.”

“Now, the Republicans are taking a victory lap because they advanced a bill none of them have read. This plan will affect every single American: from our children and grandparents to teachers, first responders, and college students. And they haven’t even taken the time to hold a public hearing or read what this bill does, probably because they know it’ll harm millions of Americans.”

“This is no way to govern. It’s irresponsible, unfair, and disrespectful to the American people. (i.e., We, The People)

“Now Republicans must reconcile (their) Senate version of this legislation with the one that passed the House last month. Both plans are outrageous — cutting taxes on the wealthy at the expense of everyday Americans — but this period of reconciliation gives us time to keep calling, writing, tweeting, and taking action to make our voices heard.”

“Add your name to my petition to pledge that you will do everything in your power — from calling your member of Congress to writing letters and attending rallies — to stop whatever tax scam Republicans in the House and Senate agree to in conference.”

“So many times during the health care fight it seemed hopeless. Yet you persisted — and because of your actions we saved our health care, and I believe we can do it again.”“Never forget you have a powerful voice that is capable of inspiring great change.”

“Thanks for all you do.”

“Kamala Harris”

“U.S. Senator, California”

EO’s readers are reminded that Divine Providence favors those who are willing to apply appropriate portions of their time, talent, and treasure (money) doing the advocacy which guides this nation towards ‘Good Samaritan Stewardship’. The ownership and use of this nation’s resources are for the benefit of the greatest number of all of us…not just the top 0.1%. ‘We, The People’ cannot allow this nation’s resources (both material and human capital) to become the wealth owned and benefitting only that 0.1%! Their ‘Dark Money’ must not succeed in the establishment of ‘legal diversion’ of this nation’s wealth towards their full control and ownership which satisfies their self-serving schemes.

‘We, The People’ are the ‘grunts’ whose knowledge, work, insights, and innovations created the wealth of this nation using available resources and cooperative teamwork.

We must speak up; we must claim our fair share which satisfies our needs; and become visibly involved. We must make those schemers aware that commercially valued devices and intangible ideas were never created in a corporation’s board room.

Creative individuals working in their garage, at their kitchen table or work bench were the ones who perceived innovative insights which were useful and could become commercially valued. Corporate board rooms are where strategies are created to achieve dominance; to get monopolistic control of ‘profitable markets’. Their objective is to achieve oligarchic control of this nation’s resources and its skilled knowledge workers. Their goal is to be in a position of power and influence which controls this nation and “We, The People”.

The control of this nation’s governance systems at local, state and federal levels must not be allowed to be purchased by anyone; nor be tampered with by those beyond our borders.We must insist core values embedded in our U.S. Constitution be used to benefit all of us, not just the 0.1%!

We must give voice in support of what is fair and equitable. We must insist on access to information; respectful and equal justice under the laws of this land.

To achieve that each of us must participate; be involved; be committed to a patriotic relationship wherein the dignity of our personhood is respected and valued.

The stoic silence of the past…used by the Silent Majority to stand on the sidelines is no longer reasonable. Its continued practice makes us complicit in what has happened and has created the current situation where those who want to be oligarchist may achieve their goals (planned since 1975 when the Koch Brothers sponsored their first meeting of billionaires to develop their schemes which undermine our Democracy from within.

Our aggregated votes and collective actions are more powerful than anything else in this nation and on this global earth which serves as our communal home. “We, The People” do not want to become the oppressed serfs dominated and controlled by an ultra-wealthy Oligarchy. GOD did not create all these earthly resources just to let the 0.1% end up being our fiscal oppressors.Therefore, it is in our own best interest to make decisions needed to undertake effective activities necessary to thwart those self- serving schemers.

Your collective votes made in solidarity in support of those ideals we all enjoy will be effective if WE, THE PEOPLE take action, reclaim our right to determine who governs us as ‘servants’ of all of us. Our elected officials must understand that We, The People are very disappointed by their inability to conduct the business of this nation in a manner that benefits the ideals already embedded in our U.S. Constitution.

We, The People created that wealth from the abundant raw resources which this nation already possessed. Those resources are meant to be used to benefit all of us, including the impoverished, homeless, disadvantaged, elderly, vulnerable and including that 0.1%! We, The People will continue to be generous by sharing all essentials needed by anyone. We must create a more reasonable wealth distribution system which provides life’s essentials to the greatest number.

We must formulate plans and undertake actions which thwart those schemers who would deny us our humanity. America is Great because We, The People made it great through practice of the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would have them treat you. We can learn to live together in peace, harmony, security, and safety.

We must accept the challenge to demonstrate to the world that government by the People, with the People, and for the People is best for all humanity now living on this Earth. To undertake that task, America must allocate its resources towards ‘taking care of its people’. While we may need to sustain a superior military for our nation’s security, our priorities must first be ‘taking care of our people’.

That means we must adjust our allocations of resources toward taking care of people. That means we must regain full control of our own Ship of State, which is being misguided by those ultra-wealthy schemers Including our Military Industrial Complex. Democracy requires all of us to be actively involved…When we are, We, The People do control, do determine priorities; and do become ‘the servants of all’…with no focused malice directed towards anyone and by showing respect, dignity, and charity towards all.

Peace on this earth can be achieved by identifying those individuals, ‘woe-men’ and men, who will nurture and be great servants to all. As Senator Kamala Harris recommended, let’s use “this period of reconciliation (which) gives us time to keep calling, writing, tweeting, and taking action to make our voices heard. “And let’s use only non-destructive and non-violent methods.