Don’t Fret It, Shred It!

Photo Credit: Better Business Bureau

BBB Does the Dirty Work for Security-Wise Consumers

SAN JOSE – These days we’re told to guard our identity like our own children. But often it’s hard to remember all the preventive steps you should take.

This past Saturday October 21st, the local Better Business Bureau provided free document shredding and identity safety tips in San Jose.

Attendees were able to bring up to five bankers boxes or bags of documents to be shredded, and were able to take home the tips and resources to help protect themselves and if applicable, their small business’.

According to Javelin Research, identity fraud affected 15.4 million Americans last year, up 16% from the previous year—the largest single year increase since the firm began tracking in 2003.

“People tend to think of identity theft as something that happens online but it can also happen if a piece of paper with sensitive information falls into the wrong hands,” says Steve McFarland, CEO of BBB of Los Angeles & Silicon Valley. “We’re doing everything we can to make personal information less accessible to scammers with events like Shred Day 2017.”

Over 2,000 pounds of paper products, estimated to be over 475,000 documents, were shredded at Saturday’s 5th annual BBB Shred Day event.