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Hilbert Morales

In California, youth are required to attend school up to age 18 for a very good reason. Society and its economy require all sorts of skilled workers, i.e. KNOWLEDGE WORKERS’. The individual’s developmental journey is presented from birth to adulthood because too many educators and administrators hardly ever acknowledge that education begins at birth and at home. Some educators would rather not have to deal with parents who are the legal guardians of any minor child (defined as being under 18 years of age.) Economists estimate that parents expend about $750,000 per child while rearing their kids.

In this nation, instruction regarding religion is the responsibility of the parents so hopefully each child learns about the Decalogue (10 commandments) at home. The first four commandments deal with relationships to GOD. The remaining six commandments deal with human relationships (Honor your father and mother; Do not steal; Do no murder; Do not commit adultery; do not be a false witness; Do not covet your neighbor’s goods). It is these standards of human behavior which are not being practiced uniformly at all levels of our commerce, its society, and in many relationships between individuals. The non-compliance results in a society whose non-civilized materialistic behavior results in communities which have lower levels of security and safety; higher levels of fear and anxiety.

From birth to age 18, parents are responsible for encouraging their child’s education and training…core values of ethics, morals, religious ideology and personal social behavior should happen at home. Communication (vocabulary) and interpersonal relationship skills are essential along with reading, writing, and math because these basic skills are universally needed regardless of job interests.

Consider that everyone, self-employed or employee, is paid for their knowledge and experience which is applied and evaluated as job performance. All positions (jobs) have a skill set which requires know-how which is why each and every individual needs to become a ‘knowledge worker’. The construction trades (carpenter, plumber, electrician, roofer, brick-layer, etc.); the legal professions (lawyers, judges, legal assistants, etc.); the medical services professions (doctors, nurses, clinical chemists, pharmacists, etc.); the Hospitality industry (waiters, janitors, chambermaids, etc.); scientists; retailers, financial services (banks)…each have a skill set which require training which encapsulates the knowledge necessary to do that job.

It is very important for parents to encourage their school to expose their child to as many vocations as possible through excursions and visits to the Tech Museum (San Jose) and the Computer Museum (Mt. View) as well as the Monterrey Bay Aquarium. Each excursion may expose a child’s mind to a future career which stimulates learning.

Let’s review why it is essential for our youth to become educated and informed. Today’s society is composed of diverse communities which are very inter-dependent. Job and work skill specialization is encouraged by economic business policy because of efficiencies in production, distribution, marketing, and profit oriented executive management. Governmental agencies were created to enforce labor laws: Department of Labor (DOL); safety of goods consumed (Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and job site safety standards (Office of Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and more. Each governmental agency was created to monitor, and enforce, when required, specific public policy that protects the labor involved and the public. The next time you visit a supermarket, take note of the thousands of items available for purchase. Each product represents specialized, focused knowledge. This is why proficient knowledge workers are treasured.

In this era, information technology (IT), artificial intelligence (AI) impact automation and robotics, in which personal computer skills are essential to being able to hold a job. Your reading skills, vocabulary, and understanding of the laws of nature are very essential to your success. Any deficiency results in a limitation of what you may do as an individual. What you know well establishes your knowledge worker status. Becoming a multi-disciplinary individual gives you many more career choices.

MY POINT IS THAT AN IMMENSE AMOUNT OF KNOWLEDGE IS NEEDED FOR YOUR LIFE’S JOURNEY. At each stage of life, you will need to learn additional information…so learn how to learn. RECENT BRAIN RESEARCH ESTABLISHES THAT YOUR BRAIN ENJOYS LEARNING IN SMALL STEPS. So, learning bit by bit makes learning a cinch! Be not afraid of asking questions; learn how to frame questions to obtain information of interest.

Recent brain research reveals that as your mind receives and processes information, your brain changes. It is essential that you know enough about making good decisions regarding HOW NOT TO ABUSE YOUR BRAIN WITH SUBSTANCES such as drugs, alcohol, opioids, meth, etc. Marijuana stops brain development when pot is used by those younger than age 26. Youths need to know enough to practice moderation which ensures personal health and wellness.

Your school friends will assist you later in life when you need informed assistance and counsel by specialists you know. Take time to provide a hands-up to those who need your skills. Do take time to be the child who becomes a responsible and reliable adult. All these developmental transitions require focused personal effort. Growing up requires acceptance of changes; and acceptance of one’s strengths and limitations. Plus having those supportive relationships which result in experiencing the good life which provides success, satisfaction, acceptance and belonging. Do take time to have fun; to enjoy recreation; to appreciate what you have accomplished.

It is not all about how much money you earn; it is about knowing enough to make good choices during your life’s journey. Most importantly, adopt those habits which enable you to learn from life as you make your own personal journey in this world. It takes useful and factual information to make good choices which enhance your life’s quality. You will benefit by staying in school to acquire the knowledge which ensures having a successful future and enjoy a good life.