Dear President Trump…

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Hilbert Morales

So 100 days have passed…and you have not lived up to your campaign promise to create jobs for the underemployed and unemployed. I projected that would happen because you have always had more than enough wealth to pay for what you wanted. You had no problem with having enough capital to be in business because your family provided you with the millions needed to ‘go into business’. You have never earned the satisfaction of ‘bootstrapping’ any of your businesses from the get-go.

So I have devised an economic experiment for you to consider: FORGET THAT WALL. Do not leave a TRUMP LEGACY which includes building that wall. Recall the Zeigfried military barrier (a wall) between France and German. General George Patton, who you admire, said, “The Zeigfried fortifications is a monument to military and political stupidity.” Nazi Germany’s mobile Panzer Divisions just made an end run through Belgium to avoid direct confrontation with the French military manning their immobile Zeigfried Line…and very swiftly reached Paris and occupied France.

DO NOT WASTE RESOURCES BUILDING AN IMMOBILE WALL between America and Mexico. Such a wall will be a monument to your short-sightedness. THAT WALL reveals an immense double standard in your personal view of America. AMERICA IS ALREADY A GREAT NATION. America’s diverse residents would much rather see available resources allocated towards rebuilding infrastructures- especially in transportation essential to America’s domestic economy. Begin with the U.S. highways, overpasses, bridges, harbors, canals, and airports. Understand that immigrants enter America through all points of entry especially international airports and places such as American Samoa.

Rapid Transit is important to America’s domestic economy. Begin by proposing a HIGH SPEED INTERCONTINENTAL RAIL SYSTEM WHICH CAN GO FROM THE EAST COAST TO THE WEST COAST- AND FROM MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL TO NEW ORLEANS as an alternative to air travel. Former President Abraham Lincoln, during the 1860’s, proposed a similar intercontinental rail line which connected California to America’s East Coast…which ended up connecting the East with the West. Incidentally, Lincoln also created the ‘Land grant universities’ which enhanced basic research and education.

Understand that these sorts of projects will put most ‘middle class’ folks back to work, which means that these folks may again earn wages which will be spent to purchase all sorts of goods and services. Understand that by creating these millions of meaningful jobs, America’s Consumer Economy will become very healthy and vigorous again. Understand that any and all investments in America’s infrastructures will yield ‘multiple returns on investments made.’

Mr. President: I am pleased that you admitted that being America’s President is a job much more difficult than imagined. As the current President of all America’s residents, know that We, The People are the base for the full faith and credit of the U.S. Treasury. United, we are the most powerful force on this earth. Through your ability to ‘make better deals’, America will rise to higher levels of prosperity via innovation and creativity, especially when its education system is supported well enough to enable those who teach pre-K through grade 12 to own their own home in those communities where they practice their profession. The same consideration applies to first-responders…police, firefighters, and emergency medical service personnel.

Mr. President…Using the ‘profitable bottom line’ paradigm, today’s capitalistic decision making traditions need to include considerations of ‘societal stewardship’ which enable inclusion of so many social costs which are currently not considered in many strategic planning circles. Societal stewardship simply means that all costs, even those of personal pain and suffering are considered by corporate planners. Today the only two ways to redistribute wealth is through taxation and philanthropy. Corporations which do not pay their fair share of taxes end up being subsidized by those of us who do, with the result that our domestic economy’s infrastructure is paid for by low income folks who do so reliably. America’s residents need a living wage standard which will enable and support the consumerism that is the basis of a vigorous American Consumer Economy. All businesses need clients who have discretionary funds to spend as consumers.

Mr. President….A trained labor force which is healthy is essential to any society and its enterprises. Therefore, a national health care system must have the mission of supplying health care services. For example, this means having sufficient medical personnel who are trained knowledge workers in all 2,600 current medical career paths. This medical care effort is best created and managed by use of the ‘public utility service model paradigm’ applied to its basic public health and primary care medical services. Competitive profit oriented market decision making models, first applied by former President Reagan, are not appropriate.

When a human being has a health crisis, the appropriate medical care service must be available immediately; there is no time to compare competitor’s credentials or prices; all efforts must be directed towards having the appropriate differential diagnostic expertise, which specifically defines the disease process and then undertakes the corrective actions needed by that unique patient/client.

The 2010 Affordable Care Act was a step towards having available health care for all. Rather than ‘repeal and replace’ the current ACA, re-allocate your considerable organizational talents towards improvements and implementations needed to sustain a very healthy well-nourished population. A national housing program would be a good beginning to dealing with homelessness, mental health and behavioral health challenges faced by many low income individuals and their families.

Mr. President….Rather than relying on Executive Orders to get things changed, make an effort to propose national programs in education, law enforcement, and judicial systems which enable all Americans to have access to the ‘good life’ here in America. Do not waste your time, energy and resources dismantling and destroying, but rather, use the available creativity and innovation to improve the lot of all America’s residents. America is already a great super-power, but it can be made even greater and better by innovative improvements. This Democracy, which has been a work in progress since its Founding Fathers debated, negotiated, and wrote its Declaration of Independence and its Constitution is the basic law of this land.

Mr. President…You are the Leader of the most significant Democracy on this planet. You still have time to craft a legacy that will endure. Begin by taking care of America’s people who, through a self-selection immigrant process, are the most resilient, innovative, and creative force this world has ever experienced. Your opportunities to create World Peace and tranquility lie before you. All Americans will support your efforts to create and support peace and prosperity which benefits the entire world. May God bless you as our President and this American Democracy.

Yours truly, Hilbert Morales, M.P.H., M.Sc..- Publisher Emeritus, El Observador

P.S. I understand why you do not want to make your IRS 1040 submittals public. You do not want your competitors to know any of your intangible assets especially proprietary information. Why not have a panel of Federal Judges (having life-appointments and sworn to confidentiality) review your personal IRS submittals? Then this ‘Judicial Monitoring Panel’ may report to the American people that you are meeting the constitutional emoluments standard. This approach will enable you, the U.S. Congress, and the Press to get on with dealing with the business of We, the People. Demonstrate cooperation and willing compliance with U.S. Constitutional standards. Or, do you have something to hide?