Photo Courtesy: Michael Vadon [CC BY-SA 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons

Hilbert Morales

America needs to begin to understand that President Trump uses distractions, diversions, deceptions, and falsehoods to achieve his personal goals and establish a personal sense that he is the winner in every undertaking. Trump uses a bait and switch strategy to position his supporters, especially those who identify with his white supremacist beliefs. Unfortunately, his privileged life journey has not exposed him to the many struggles and challenges which ordinary Americans are experiencing. Trump has no intent to become the President who ‘makes the best deal’ which enables the greatest good for the middle class, elderly, needy, and disabled.

Two items underscore this conclusion: 1) TrumpCare proposal which replaces 2010 Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) does much for the health care insurance industry while insuring fewer folks at a higher cost. The uninsured will increase to 26 million individuals. 2) Trump’s proposed budget adds $54 billion to the Pentagon military budget while reducing allocations for education, state department judicial department, housing & urban development, health & human services, infrastructural needs, and THAT WALL. I have learned to listen to what Trump says while taking note of what he does. Nothing is being done about jobs and domestic needs. Trump is focused on ‘security’, while not taking actions that would improve the well-being of the working class which, according to a recent study reported in Atlantic magazine, reports that many families could not come up with $400 cash to deal with an emergency.

The major problem Americans have to accept and deal with is the total lack of credibility in this Trump Administration. I will not dwell upon all those insults, demeaning statements, and ‘alternative facts’ (lies) which Trump as a pathological liar has created. I cannot comprehend why this billionaire has a total disregard for truth, facts, and reality. I credit him with one achievement: single-handedly, Trump has diminished the global leadership and good will of America as a nation. Why should anyone TRUST him? His lack of integrity and knowledge will continue to damage this nation while he and his cronies make self-serving deals which enrich them.

It is entirely appropriate for the FBI and Justice Department to continue to investigate and factually establish the recent Trump campaign’s relationships and actions which have benefitted Russia (Vladimir Putin). The flow of money; the theft and directed use of information stolen from the Democratic National Committee, the unwillingness to be transparent regarding his IRS submittals along with his associations, past and present, all need to become known and understood because Trump is not dealing with American citizens (We, The People) honestly and with integrity. Unfortunately, there is no transparency in this Trump Administration. Why should ordinary Americans place any faith and trust in this Trump Administration, including its self-serving cronyism, and nepotism?

Fortunately, Americans know that their governance is based upon the U.S. Constitution and the body of law, coupled with regulations, and traditional administrative practices which result in civil order. The established checks and balances are working. And will work much better if the U.S. Congress begins to ‘do its job’ by dropping its extreme partisanship in order to enable meaningful deliberation and legislative actions. The influence of DARK MONEY must be mitigated; The Citizen’s United Supreme Court ruling must be reversed; Only natural Citizens must remain with the privilege of supporting political activities; and a commitment to ‘societal stewardship’ must become evident. The natural wealth of this nation needs to be used to support a civil society which is multi-cultural, diverse, and inclusive. The wealth of this nation must be used to provide for all its residents rather than stashed in individually owned silos.

I have come to realize that the most important development today must be in America’s economy. At present the distribution of wealth is skewed towards the ultra-wealthy and influential. The Trump Administration’s focus on national security and immigrant deportations must become aligned to the economic needs of this nation. Trump and his ilk practice exploitation to an extreme which becomes the base for much human pain and suffering. This need not happen because while it may be appropriate to deport the criminal element; it is economically destructive to deport those undocumented whose only ‘crime’ is to have no legal status in America; who came here to improve themselves and their families’ life style; to have access to opportunity through education and achievement.

Much of what the Trump Administration is proposing will not make America great again. America is already great and will remain great when it begins to care for its own population first, and the international issues thereafter.

Did Trump ‘steal’ the presidential election through treasonous collusion with Russia’s oligarchical leaders? Does the next Supreme Court Justice become appointed for life to a vacant Supreme Court seat ‘stolen’ by Republican refusal to do its job during 2016? These are the constitutional crisis situations created by extreme partisanship enabled by DARK MONEY. This American Democracy and its residents must know the facts and truth so that appropriate action may be taken by legally elected American officials. At this juncture, only an Independent Investigative Commission will ensure factual and truthful transparency. America must identify and deliver justice to all those who became treasonous traitors when using weaponized stolen information to allegedly stain the last Democratic leadership election. American sovereignty was attacked with external electronic messaging originating beyond its borders This is an act of ideological warfare more invidious and insidious than the terrorism which distracts us all. These self-serving forces of evil exist and must be addressed immediately. ‘We, The People’ must be committed to earning the personal choices made freely using our current Democratic ideals which are the envy of the world. We must not let Trump and his oligarchy inclined cronies prevail.

Distraction, diversion, deception, and falsehoods do not stand up to the light of truth, facts, and evidence based decision-making which we all understand and support in solidarity with our democratic freedoms.