5 Ways to Avoid Winter Health Woes

Photo Credit: Tomsickova - Fotolia.com


The chilly months can mean colds, flu and feeling worn down. But just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to hibernate all winter. In addition to taking precautionary steps to stay healthy, it’s important to stay active with your family.

Here are five great ways to keep the cold from holding you and your family back from enjoying the season.

1. Bundle Up. While the cold weather itself is not the germy culprit that leads to illness, not wearing enough clothing outdoors can tax the body, compromise your immune system, and make you more vulnerable to succumbing to infection. Stay bundled up and, when necessary, keep extremities protected with gloves, hats and thick socks.

2. Eat foods rich in Vitamin C. Give your immune system a healthy boost with an extra dose of Vitamin C. But look beyond citrus fruits for your daily measure. Bell peppers, broccoli and Brussel sprouts are also good sources of this necessary nutrient. For an additional boost, you may also wish to consider taking a dietary supplement designed to support immunity.

3. Keep hands clean. Germs reside on surfaces wherever you go. According to a recent survey of parents with children ages 2-12, nearly 100 percent of respondents say their children catch a cold every year, which can lead to missed days of school and work. You can keep hands clean throughout the day with antibacterial wipes, which kill 99.99 percent of germs.

4. Stay Hydrated. It can be easy to become dehydrated when you aren’t well, as coughing and sneezing mean fluid loss. But proper hydration is particularly important when your body is trying to mend itself. Drink plenty of water and decaffeinated tea when you are sick, and add a lemon wedge for additional Vitamin C. Low-sodium soup is a good meal choice, as are fresh juicy fruits and vegetables.

5. Keep moving. Regular exercise can boost immunity and keep your body healthy and strong, so don’t use winter as an excuse to become a couch potato. Stay moving by skiing, sledding or running outdoors. If the chilly weather is not your thing, there are plenty of opportunities for indoor exercise – from family-friendly aerobics to yoga and more!