Are You Aware?

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Hilbert Morales

Are you aware that Pope Francis assembled a forum last December 2016 at the Vatican which was attended by philanthropists (such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet), financial geniuses (Joseph Stiglitz), and national and political leaders? Those attending this Vatican Forum ‘brainstormed, debated, evaluated and proposed strategies addressing the following topics: a) World wide poverty; b) inequitable wealth distribution; and c) Global Climate Change. Ideas dealing with the creation of needed sustainable economic investment included infrastructural development (roads, bridges, communication systems, etc.). EO finds it interesting that American mainstream medias (major newspapers, radio, and TV) have not reported this event nor commented upon it. Check out Time Magazine’s December 16, 2016 issue to read its several brief reports.

EO notes the similarity to the three major concerns which the future Trump Administration must address: a) Comprehensive Immigration Reform; b) IRS Tax Reform which addresses income/wealth distribution disparities; and c) Affordable health Insurance coverage (2010 Affordable Care Act = ObamaCare). Needing much attention are continuing development of public policy and programs dealing with 1) guaranteed annual personal income; 2) Global Climate Change and 3) access to education. The reality is that many individuals will never have a traditional job because of artificial information (AI), automation and robotics. Presently change is happening so fast that traditional government programs, economy, and society are not coping well with the rapid pace of these changes. The increasing number of impoverished, homeless and insufficiently trained skill labor attest to this dynamic process.

Pope Francis is shaking up the Roman Catholic Church in his concern about expanding global poverty, inequitable distribution of wealth, and global climate change being experienced worldwide. Allegedly He is asking Catholic Cardinals and Bishops to consider the issue allowing Catholic priests to be married. The Roman Catholic Church needs to seriously consider having married women to also serve GOD as clerics. 

During the past 40 years parishioners of the Episcopal faith have experienced all ministries delivered by both married men and women who are ordained and effectively serve their ministries. Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves, Diocese of El Camino Real (which extends from Palo Alto all the way south to San Luis Obispo) has been the chief shepherd of that diocese for the past 8 years. That diocese sponsors the Santa Maria Urban Mission located in downtown San Jose, CA. 

Of interest is the scheduled visit of the first African-American who is the current Presiding Bishop. 

The Most Rev. Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, will make his first visit to the Diocese of El Camino Real. Speaking on Saturday, January 7, Bishop Curry will bring his inspiring, joyful and magnetic delivery to Sherwood Hall, Salinas, CA. 

His keynote address will focus on bringing Jesus’ messages into our communities. He will also  join in a panel discussion and audience Q&A. THIS EVENT IS FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. (bring your own lunch; beverages available). 

No registration required: congregations, the public and all neighboring dioceses are invited to attend this event taking place from 9:30 AM to 3 PM. Bishop Curry will be joined by The Rev. Canon Stephanie Spellers, Canon for Evangelism, Reconciliation, and Stewardship of Creation, one of the church’s leading thinkers around 21st century ministry and mission. 

Joseph W. Heston, President and General Manager, KSBW-TV, the Central Coast’s NBC and ABC station, will moderate the panel.

“We’re thrilled the Presiding Bishop is coming to our diocese, and I expect our diocese to greet him with an enthusiastic presence,” said Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves. “Come and be spiritually fed. Invite your friends who might be interested in seeing joyful Christianity in a way they may not have experienced!” 

In a video, Bishop Michael Curry describes the look and feel of the Jesus Movement. His Christmas message is available here. Canon Stephanie Speller’s Talk about the “Revolutionary Art of Listening” can be viewed here also. For more details, visit (Source: REAL EPISCOPAL, email dated December 30, 2016) 

These two happenings are evidence that Christians are concerned with the challenges their parish members are facing. 

What needs to be addressed is the need to include ‘Christian Community Stewardship’ into the paradigm used by business executives when making decisions which alter the traditional system of ‘working to support one’s family’. 

THE TRADITONAL USE OF CHARITY, CHURCHES AND TAXES TO REDISTRIBUTE WEALTH HAS BEEN THWARTED BY SPECIAL INTERESTS who are using Robotics, automation, artificial intelligence and ‘offshore low cost labor’ to increase profits while eliminating jobs providing a living wage. Vehicles and other innovative devices guided by artificial intelligence (AI) will diminish many traditional jobs. This is why religious leaders such as Pope Francis, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves need to insert ‘new standards of ethics and morals to redefine ‘what’s right’. Also the current concept of ‘ownership’ needs to be replaced with ‘civic stewardship’ which is applied to all those natural resources provided by Divine Providence’. 

All need to become aware and involved in these many changes which are happening so quickly as an outcome of enhanced electronic communications. BECOME AWARE OF WHAT IS HAPPENING. To become an involved stakeholder who has the faith and hope (which will redefine your children’s future) you must first ‘become informed and aware’.