During 2017 New Year Enjoy Your Own Expectations

Photo Courtesy: Pixabay

Hilbert Morales


A positive attitude about the coming 2017 New Year is best for your personal mental health. Examine your current interests, lifestyle, and values to discern what it is you influence; need to change; and potentially has the prospect of improving your social and economic situation. Decide where you want to be by New Year’s Eve 2018. What is important to you will help set your priorities. Focus upon no more than three objectives (goals) based upon resources available to you. Associate with individuals who will support and encourage you; who know how to communicate ‘constructive suggestions and information’ because criticism often discourages. What are the transitions which you personally desire the most? Define the very small steps which get you there ‘bit by bit’ because anything approached ‘inch by inch’ is a cinch. Know that small successes and accomplishments eventually add up to personal transitions not thought possible. Some LUCK is always involved: Love; Understanding; Capacity and Knowledge. Each of these can be acquired and developed with time and applied effort. 

What has transpired prior to December 31, 2016 cannot be changed. What can be influenced is what is under your personal control; it’s what you decide to support or oppose. One essential skill not practiced effectively by many today because of the many distractions is that of just dreaming; just pretending as if you already were accomplished enough to fit into that personal future being which you conceptualize in your mind. Dr. Roberto Cruz would tell his students, “Whatever you can conceive you may achieve when you take appropriate actions.” 

Dreams establish expectations which in turn, when examined, tell you what you need to do. Most important is to determine the ‘correct sequence’ of skills and knowledge to be acquired. I recall when my peers, teachers, and counselors told me I could never become a chemist. No one I knew was a chemist (who could be a role model or mentor). But becoming a chemist required learning its vocabulary, its basic concepts. Then its numerous possibilities became visible: Inorganic or Organic Chemistry; Physical Chemistry; Biochemistry; Clinical Chemistry; polymer chemistry, etc. One’s perspective and outlook change; analytic skills improve with time and increased know-how. 

It is essential to start with your unique reality which becomes your launching pad. It is also very essential not to only just think about it-which becomes a form of analysis paralysis. This paralysis is broken when your curiosity is applied ‘to check things out.’ It is possible to design your own reality and therefore your life. Understand that insightful innovation is exciting. It energizes once one begins the process of redefining who you are, who you associate with; what you may do and how you do things. All this improves your ability to do more than you ever thought would be possible..

What all this all adds up to is the changes which influence your personhood. Too many fear developmental changes. Too many try to avoid change with the result that an outdated decline is inevitable. 

Individual American citizens would be well advised to be ready for whatever happens during the coming Trump Administration. DARK MONEY has derailed the traditional democratic decision making processes per the U.S. Constitution. What this 2016 election process has exposed is that already an oligarchy exists which cherishes power, influence and has more concentrated wealth than the American nation which is already the most powerful super-power in this world. 

2017 will provide its unique challenges. We, the People must be prepared to do what needs to be done if the coming Republican Presidency, Senate, and House of Representatives continue to enact tax laws that favor the already super-wealthy. This coming Republican Administration is already saying that they are the advocates for the working middle class. We are forced to give them a chance to demonstrate that. In addition, American citizens need to be ready to do what has to be done to preserve this American Democracy.. There is no other choice. 

Each American citizen needs to become well acquainted with the U.S. Constitution in preparation to defend it. The main challenge is to distribute the wealth of this nation in an equitable manner that promotes the common weal for the greatest number while continuing to take care of those who cannot fend for themselves. We must support policies which care for the many, not just for the privileged few. So the most important 2017 New Year’s resolution one may make is to ‘get involved in the cause to save American Democracy from an impending oligarchy’. Believe in this cause. PLEDGE TO UNDERTAKE THE COMMITTED EFFORT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. 

Happy New Year…During 2017 strive hopefully to accomplish your own expectations.