By Juanedc from Zaragoza, España (Feliz Navidad via Wikimedia Commons

Hilbert Morales


Let us all appreciate ‘one’s life, its style, its tranquility and peace’ in this American nation…especially where we live. Whether it is in Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA, USA) or elsewhere, we all need to appreciate that in the most powerful super-power of this world, transition of leadership has proceeded peacefully. No assassinations have occurred; no armed conflict between protagonists is happening in America. But let us all thank GOD that our nation is in ‘peaceful turmoil’ where the value of life has not yet been the cause of reducing cities to rubble. 

Let us remember that the Founding Father of America were White men who had migrated to America seeking their own ‘Life, Liberty, and Peaceful pursuit of Happiness.” They had experienced Royalty who had abused them and their families in a variety of ways: Taxation without representation; no freedom to make personal choices; freedom to speak freely and openly; to assemble peaceably; to publish truthful facts and question those in authority without fear of retaliation or retribution; and to have the right of due process under the law of the land. In fact, in Europe there was no ‘Law of the Land’ during the 1700’s. There existed Royalty who decreed undocumented ‘English Common Law’ to achieve their whims of the day. Women were chattel; debtors were jailed; many were enslaved. 

We, who live in America today, must realize what the Founding Fathers gave future citizens of America. Two great gifts: The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution…especially its Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments). Democracy and its ideals were documented and by July 4, 1776 America’s initial 13 colonies became the initial United States of America which was still imperfect. Later on, after the Civil War, President Abe Lincoln freed the slaves (Emancipation Proclamation, 1864). What followed was the Suffragette Movement which resulted in women having the right to vote; followed today by the struggle to not hassle those who are gay, lesbian, or transgender. These developments must be understood as a process whereby Democracy is made more perfect. And wherein all citizens understand that it is up to each one of us to have the knowledge, discipline and courage to live ,and let live, in peace and harmony in this fortunate nation into which many still want to enter as immigrants. 

America is more than ‘a nation of immigrants’. It is a community wherein as a consequence of being free is to observe nature, to understand natural phenomenon happening on this earth and this universe. Many insightful, creative and innovative individuals have exercised their freedom to understand, create and innovate. In practice, today Silicon Valley is the epicenter of creativity and innovation which is being copied and monetized. The outcome is an accumulation of wealth which has become the major challenge of its economy, community and government. Some amongst us have too much wealth. Some do not have enough wealth to be engaged in this domestic economy as basic consumers. There are gaps in the capitalistic economic system and its practices. Gaps which result in extreme disparities and inequities which have created the same climate amongst residents as existed in Britain, France and Spain during the 1700’s. 

Do not despair because the U.S. Constitution contains the tools to rectify and adjust the direction of our efforts so as to create a future which is desirable and equitable:

First, each of us must understand that we did not create the natural wealth which presently exists on this Earth. Communities of faith believe all natural wealth was created by GOD (and since the universe is still expanding per astrological observations, GOD is still at work). 

But here is my major point: Humanity is the steward of all on this earth; not the ‘owner’ nor the creator. Therefore, as stewards, during our lifetime, each of us must share our wealth according to our means and ability. Wealth was not meant to be stored in silos (banks); monetary systems were created to facilitate distribution and transactions in an economy which is monitored by government, presided over by ‘We, The People’ so as to mitigate the impact of power, influence, and greed. 

Elected officials, after being installed in their official jurisdiction, must set aside their partisan proclivity and ideology. White Supremicism, racism, nationalism, jihadism, misogyny, etc. cannot be the basis for inaction or action. The immediate job of elected officials is to make those policy decisions which may benefit the entire national community; not just a favored few. Enhancement of the common weal; the promotion of the greater good for the many must be the goal and objective. 

The influence of DARK MONEY has resulted in decision making gridlock at the U.S. Congress. Elected officials must set aside their partisanship; retain their personal values and ideal; resist being ‘bought off by lobbyists in order to conduct the people’s business through debates, negotiations, and then reach the compromises which become the law of this American nation. 

An urgent reality is that Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs may be utilized to determine a basic level of ‘guaranteed annual personal income’ each individual resident receives as an entitlement, to be used to sustain an accepted level of humane existence. This ‘basic life style’ can be monitored and adjusted by local jurisdictions. The current practice of capitalism must be modified to mitigate the extreme accumulation of wealth by very few (the top 0.01%). Let’s use charity and taxation to redistribute the wealth according to need. It is the humane Christian thing to do. 

This 2016 Christmas each of us must appreciate the gift of freedom of choice and resolve to protect, defend, and sustain these natural cycles, So Help Us GOD. Enjoy this Christmas; prepare to face the challenges we must face together as a diverse national community.