Make America A Democracy Again

Photo Courtesy: Pixabay

Gil Villagran

Special to El Observador 

It is clear that our nation, the world’s first democracy, has lost its way from a revolutionary democracy, once the leader among nations, ripping apart the monarchist illusion that only a hereditary inbred family can rule by divine right. 

Today, our democracy is hopelessly mired in a lobbyist funded, grid-locked Congress, unable to fix our ailing nation, who stood hapless as a plutocrat swept up less than a majority of voters with his circus barker bravado, who realized that in the echo chamber that passes for informed news and debate, an often repeated lie becomes the latest “news” which can move the masses, but only when they cease to think, and are burdened by their own prejudices, and accept a 70 year-old lifelong brat who is certain that he is the wisest man in Manhattan, therefore on earth. 

The Democratic principle of one person—one vote–only works when all adults are able and encouraged to vote, without insidious national voter suppression, with observed counts of all the votes, without hacked computer counting.  We need a national citizen-driven campaign to “Make America a Democracy Again!”

Gil Villagran is a lecturer with the School of Social Work at San Jose State University.