Mike Honda on CA’s 17th Congressional District Election


Silicon Valley, CA –My commitment to public service has always been about expanding opportunities for working families. I am incredibly proud of my track record of delivering for workers, seniors and middle class families. All the work I have done in my career, every decision I have made, every action I have taken has been to give all Americans the tools and conditions to build a country that works for everyone. A country with a strong economy, a cleaner environment, a country that protects the civil rights of all, a country that is the envy of the rest of the world. I am proud of my service to this region, I’ve seen it grow from the Valley of Heart’s delight to Silicon Valley. I am honored to have been apart of that growth and transformation.

I congratulate my opponent on his victory in this hard-fought campaign to represent the people of California’s 17th Congressional District. Now is the time to come together as a party and unite around the progressive values we hold dear. I want to thank my family for their ongoing support, and the hardworking staff, volunteers, and supporters who have stood with me throughout my career. It is a testament to the support you have shown for our collective cause that helped me to achieve all the things I have in these 16 years I served as your representative in Congress and the many earlier years of public service. This work is too important to stop, I look forward to continue working with you in pursuit of our ideals.”