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Hilbert Morales

The  American voter has spoken up with their protest vote! The American People now face the challenge of making another peaceful transition of our nation’s leadership from the establishment’s of both Democratic and Republican Party leadership to a ‘non-establishment leader’ Donald J. Trump, who made contact with the ‘anger, disappointment, and frustration’ of the ‘Silent Majority’ who voted in their own perceived best interests.

The American working class, especially its middle class, has been violated since 1975 by the ‘establishment’ of both the Democratic and Republican Parties. The masses of voters have made their personal choices, which in the aggregate, ended up with the election of a real-estate mogul, a billionaire, whose insight into the ‘anger, disappointment, and frustration’ of the ‘America’s Silent Majority’ resulted in his being elected as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Commander in Chief (CIC).

When it became apparent that Donald Trump could be elected, an MSNBC reporter phoned him for comment. President-Elect Donald J. Trump said, “I feel that I am at the 17th hole of the National Golf Tournament, with a one-stroke lead. I am going to be the President of all the people in America.” Two things will reveal what kind of CEO & CIC he will become. The first 100 days of his new administration will be the barometer. Trump’s initial concern was to calm this nation down…especially its financial sector and the partisans, both Democrat and Republican, who need to re-establish the communication bridges which allow for moving this American nation forward towards its future.

One thing is certain now: Donald J. Trump had his ear to the ground; heard the concerns of the Silent Majority; conducted a very non-traditional campaign which received support of the masses. The challenge now being faced by all of us is to calm down our partisan emotions so that we, as a national community, may become engaged and committed in having our new President be a successful world leader.

It is important that President Elect Trump collect the right mix of knowledge and talent in his appointments to his Executive Cabinet. Patriotic Americans care about ,and love, this nation which is still the greatest Democracy and the greatest super-power on the face of this world. The challenge we face as a nation,is having elected an entrepreneur as the new Leader of the Free World. Trump will need to deal with the forces that elected him. Trump must craft the neglected reforms: ‘income & wealth distribution’, establishment of income tax reform wherein all ‘individuals’ both human and corporate pay their fair share of taxes; initiation of infrastructural repairs and improvements; health care reform; an adequate public safety net for the handicapped, impoverished, and elderly, and an education system having access to all qualified students & trainees (include forgivable loans with public service provisions). In addition, foreign trade and foreign affairs must be conducted in a manner that enhances world peace and enables ‘fair and equitable commerce”. Corporate profits earned ‘offshore’ need to become taxable wherever banked; corporate individuals need to be monitored to ensure ‘fair play’ in the public interest. The Trump Transition team has a lot of work to do.

My analysis reveals that Trump reached the ‘rust belt’ community containing the angry middle class workers whose jobs were now ‘outsourced’, and the ‘Rural Communities’ of America which is traditionally very conservative Republican. The Hillary Clinton campaign reached urban and suburban voting communities which are heavily Democratic. Mainstream Media and its many polls just missed this movement entirely.

Secretary Hillary Clinton, in her concession statement, asked that this nation come together to ensure the unity which makes ‘America the greatest nation’ ever.

If you are interested in any particular election outcome, google “Registrar of Voters, County of Santa Clara; go to “Home Page, Registrar of Voters”; and click on “November 8, 2016 Election Results”. The entire composite election outcome is presented online.

Of interest are the following: Kamala Harris was elected U.S. Senator to succeed Senator Barbara Boxer; Ro Khanna (D) defeated Representative Mike Honda (CA District 17); House members Anna G. Eshoo (District 18); Zoe Lofgren (District 19); and Jimmy Panetta (District 20) were elected. CA State Senators Jim Beall (District 15); Bill Monning (District 17) were elected. CA State Assembly members Kansen Chu (District 24); Ash Kalra (District 27); Evan Low (District 28); Mark Stone (Dstrict 29) and Anna Caballero (District 30) were elected. The San Jose City Council will have Sergio Jimenez (District 2);  Devon ‘Dev’ Jane Davis (District 6); and Jimmy Nguyen (District 8). The local voter turnout was a disappointing 47%. It seems that the Latino voter potential has not yet fully participated in this democratic process. Nonetheless EO is proud of its latino community advocacy role.