Hilbert Morales EL OBSERVADOR This week Hillary Clinton became the official Democratic Party’s Presidential candidate. Between now and Election Day, Tuesday, November 8, 2016, each registered voter will have...
Let the battle begin!
Hillary vs Trump..Who will you vote for?

Hilbert Morales


This week Hillary Clinton became the official Democratic Party’s Presidential candidate. Between now and Election Day, Tuesday, November 8, 2016, each registered voter will have the opportunity and responsibility to glean the facts and truth from all the propaganda hype which each party will generate.

The contrast between the National Republican Convention in Cleveland, Ohio and the National Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania could not be more different. The Republican advocates, especially its candidate for President, Donald J. Trump, used all methods which divide us; demean us all as being imperfect, which propose ideas contrary to the ideals succinctly stated in the U.S. Constitution, and did not present a single proposal to be used to address the many public policy issues which were ‘stone-walled’ by the U.S. Congress for the past 5.5 years by the Republican Majority congressional leadership. The Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald J. Trump, directly says that “I have all the answers to our national challenges’… I will make America great again”. And keep in mind that as a billionaire, Trump has directed his non-traditional campaign efforts plus his rhetoric uses terms which are designed to divide and conquer each and every ethnic group.

In contrast, the Democratic National Convention, took care of business. First, it fired its DNC leader for failing to be even-handed in dealing with support for the Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton campaign efforts. So Senator Debbie Wasserman Schultz was dismissed just prior to the start of the DNC event where traditionally, she would have been wielding the gavel. In addition, the DNC Rules Committee followed traditional procedures by sustaining the ‘Voice Vote’ process where Senator Bernie Sanders was placed in nomination against Secretary Hilton; and the delegates voted for either Bernie or Hillary. Hillary prevailed by receiving enough votes to become the first woman Democratic Party presidential candidate. And Bernie graciously and properly made the motion to declare Hillary as the Democratic Party Presidential Candidate ‘by acclamation’. That motion carried (was accepted) so Hillary and the Democratic Party made history by supporting the first woman presidential candidate. Hillary will accepted their nomination on Thursday, July 28th before the DNC adjourns.

What happened behind the scenes off camera is that several meetings between Bernie and Hillary’s supporters happened wherein all of Bernie’s Platform public policy issues were incorporated into the official DNC platform. Bernie’s campaign was a success in this regard, plus Bernie projected his agreement to “do anything and everything” needed to defeat Donald J. Trump. The Democrats publicly and privately negotiated and compromised most of their public policy differences. Bernie’s Supporters had succeeded!

The Democratic Party will address the public policy issues which have been stonewalled by the congressional Republican Party majority in both the House and the Senate.

The stage is set to attempt to establish a Democratic Party Majority in both the Senate and the House. Already, Hillary Clinton’s supporters are telegraphing their efforts to deal with many public policy matters during the first 100 days of the projected administration of Hillary Clinton as the first woman president of the United States of America…the only nation that is the world’s greatest superpower today!

So registered voters will need to think about making history by voting for the first woman President of the United States along with there-establishment of a Democratic majorities in both houses of the U.S. Congress. Ideally, those Democratic majorities need to be large enough to prevent ‘filibusters’ by the projected future Republican Party minority. So it is essential that women and all ‘middle class’ voters keep in mind that they must elect not only the first woman as president, but also a Democratic Party majority in both the Senate and the House of the U.S. Congress. That is essential in order to eliminate any further ‘stone-walling’ efforts by obstructionists who are influenced by ‘Dark Money’.

What will be your choice as a responsible registered voter? Stay in touch with what is happening because each and every one of you registered voters will have played a role in making a historical transition. The basic choice is about the following: Do you want a government which favors the top 0.1% (the ultra-wealthy & influential) or the bottom 90% who have not had a salary raise since 1975 (The Republican Reagan Administration)?

Do take time to learn about all the public policy issues and then vote in your own best interests. I personally favor choosing those elected officials who will craft legislation which will do the greatest good for the greatest number rather than continuing the exploitation of those in the bottom 90%. It is time to make historical transitional choices. Elect congressional members who will compromise and negotiate. Who will you vote for: Hillary or Donald?