Hilbert Morales EL OBSERVADOR This edition of EO is focused upon “RACISM” practiced by individuals in our community, its economy, and society. Racism needs to be openly discussed, evaluated...

Hilbert Morales

This edition of EO is focused upon “RACISM” practiced by individuals in our community, its economy, and society. Racism needs to be openly discussed, evaluated and several racist traditional practices need to be exposed with candor. RACISM is an ideology held by many individuals who believe in “White supremacy”. RACISM is defined as “the belief in or the practice of the doctrine of racism.” In American history, the belief that ‘Whites” should ‘rule’ all other people of color is a basic unconscious belief practiced by many authorities, who, when challenged, insist being ‘fair and even-handed’. A common practice is that of profiling individuals into groups based upon selected traits such as ‘skin color, projected intelligence levels and behavior. Prejudicial racism and double standards are often ingrained by community traditions and practices.

PREJUDICE is defined as “an unfavorable opinion or feeling beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason.” Bias, bigotry, xenophobia, nationalism, cults, tribes, and many more terms all have a ‘prejudicial racism’ content.

Mainstream media has failed American society because of its focus on ‘what happened that is broadcast as news’,  plus projections regarding who was to blame.” Rarely, is the philosophy of American’s Christianity (or other religious faith’s dogma and ideology) ever included in their reports or analysis. Rarely, are the Ten Commandments ever mentioned. Today, THOU SHALL DO NO MURDER’ is simply not invoked by commentators as a standard of human behavior.

The bias, bigotry and prejudice of racism is applied unconsciously because of our flawed reasoning patterns which are not guided by common philosophical values.

A re-evaluation must be addressed of current beliefs, practices, and values which have been inculcated in each of us beginning with our parents, family, friends and associates.

Racism contains elements of anxiety, distrust, fear, and ignorance. It is often used to exclude or marginalize groups from becoming integrated or accepted by the dominant ‘White’ society today. “White leaders are aware that soon, citizens of color will outnumber them resulting in the loss of dominance and control of systems of governance.

Racism is a doctrine and belief which is at odds with ideals stated in the U.S. Declaration of Independence (1776) and the U.S. Constitution which  documents the idea “that all individuals, both men and women are to be treated fairly and equally under the laws. This implies equal access to justice, economic opportunity (jobs, housing, business, and social station). However, this is  often not realized.

As an individual I have personally experienced   many incidents of racism during my life’s journey. My successful survival often was attained by ‘total explicit compliance’ with the instructions of the police officer dealing with me. I have written prior Op-eds wherein I advise EO’s readers to understand that police officers are “licensed to kill” …often with impunity.

The current practice of accepting an officer’s statement “I felt my life was endangered” includes no challenge. This needs to be changed to permit assessment of each case by an authority which has no conflict of interest. Out of 940 individuals who lost their lives during the past year as an outcome of ‘police use of lethal force’ (usually the officer’s sidearm)…be informed  that not a single officer has been found “guilty of inappropriate use of lethal force”. And this has been going on since  organized police forces were developed and implemented.

Both community and the police profession are hurting today because last week in Dallas, Texas an angry deranged individual decided to be judge, jury, and executioner when he decided to use his military skills to be the sniper who killed five police officers in retribution. Background investigations established that ‘He had prepared himself very well by acquiring  firearms, bomb ordinance and useful military ‘shoot and move’ tactics which made this single individual seem like ‘several attackers’.

It is time in this election year for American voters to insist upon up-dating law enforcement/judicial system practices in regard to these happenings. The National Rifle Association, Koch Brother’s Network, and all other special interest groups must be ‘neutralized’ by public demand that the U.S. Congress enact appropriate laws in which are embodied new standards requiring all law enforcement departments and agencies be required to report each and every case of ‘use of lethal force’ for the purpose of assembling factual information which enables humane resolutions.

Racism is involved….it is the only way to rationally explain why 66% of inmates in Santa Clara County’s jails, state and federal prisons are ‘persons of color’.

We all experience the Black community speaking out about these unfortunate practices. Where are the voices of local Hispanic leaders?

President Obama (2008) stated, “There is no White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, or indigent Native American America….there is only one America in which all are citizens equally protected by the laws of this nation and equally having access to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” That ideal society will never happen if the ‘silent majority citizens’ do not step up with their voices and votes. Nothing changes without discomforting effort. Current malpractices must be addressed now.