Teal Town, California

Local town renames itself in honor of the San Jose Sharks pursuit of the Stanley Cup

Pittsburg /  CALIFORNIA

The City of Pittsburg, California announced on June 2nd that they would temporarily change their name to Teal, Town California during the remainder of the Stanley Cup Finals. According to a press release from the city

“Pittsburg, California is burning up with Sharks Fever” and that “City officials and business owners, tongues firmly planted in-cheek, expressed outrage that their City’s name is associated with the Penguins, the San Jose Sharks’ opponent in the National Hockey League Championship Finals.”

The Penguins are based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“The San Jose Sharks are the most exciting team in the National Hockey League and I’m excited to watch them hoist the Stanley Cup,” said Pittsburg, Calif. Mayor Ben Johnson.  “We are behind our Sharks, and we’re flying the Team banner on City Hall. We’d rather be known as Teal Town than be associated with those Penguins.”

Local businesses are caught up in the excitement for the Stanley Cup Finals and have added banners to their storefronts and specials to their menus.

“Our Teal Town Smoothie is cool as the ice in the Shark Tank,” said Eugenia Gueorguieva, owner of the Kite Bar Café at the City’s waterfront.  John Phair, owner of the E.J. Phair Brewing Company added “Our Thornton’s Revenge is our best seller.”

Natalie Cooper, owner of Lumpy’s Diner, a popular breakfast spot, said “the Burns Breakfast Burrito is a hit and our Power Play Pancakes are Sharktastic!”

The City looks forward to the Stanley Cup excitement increasing now that the Sharks are returning home for the next round of play.

“We lost two close ones on the road, the Shark Tank is where we’ll even the series back up!” said Kyle Schoenthaler, die hard Shark fan and General Manager of the Tred Shed.  The City expects the Teal Town celebration to continue through the Stanley Cup Finals to the championship parade day in downtown San Jose. As of writing, the fate of the Stanley Cup rests on the results of Thursday’s game in Pennsylvania. ay