Hilbert Morales / El Observador  Consider the following: 1) For 20 years, Ms. Loretta Sanchez has been a legislator who is known for ‘working with Republican colleagues across the aisle....

Hilbert Morales / El Observador

 Consider the following:

1) For 20 years, Ms. Loretta Sanchez has been a legislator who is known for ‘working with Republican colleagues across the aisle. She is a competent legislator; Pamela Harris is a competent prosecuting attorney& administrator who will need several months to learn to be more than a ‘Freshman Senator’. Loretta will ‘be an effective Senator the moment she is sworn into office.

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez has been in the trenches for 20 years participating in committee, subcommittee, and caucus where deliberations result in crafting legislation. These efforts were made in the following House committees & caucuses:  Caucus on Cybersecurity; Homeland Security; Human Rights;  LGBTQ issues; Transportation & Infrastructure Committee; Armed Services; Border & Maritime Security; Tactical Air & Land Forces; Strategic Service Forces; Founder and Chair of “House Committee on Women in the Military”.

CAUCUS CO-CHAIR: On Vietnam; Korea; ‘Blue Dog Coalition’; New Democrat Coalition; Congressional Hispanic Caucus; On Innovation & Entrepreneurship; Member, CA Congressional Delegation; Competitiveness in Entertainment; Entertainment Industries; and Entertainment Technologies.

2) It is time the U.S. Senate have a L ATINA member from California which has 38% Latino residents. Your vote for Loretta will do the greatest good for the greatest number of CA residents.

3) Congresswoman Sanchez has served her Orange County constituents; her Democratic Party; State of California; and this nation as an effective and exemplary legislator for over 20 years. That is what is needed today. Grassroots CA Democrats, especially Latino registered voters need to support her being elected as the next Senator representing all of CA’s residents.

4) By voting for Loretta Sanchez, the Latino voter will take advantage of this opportunity to elect a ‘direct representative’ from their own community rather than vote for the single candidate chosen by the CA Democratic Party establishment.(NOTE: African-Americans constitute 10% of CA Democrats; Latinos are 40%). During its February 2016 state convention, Democratic Party leadership did endorse one of 34 candidates (currently on the June 7th Ballot) when its role was to establish the ‘fair rules of competition’ which allowed the Democratic Party electorate to select & support their choice with their votes.

5) According to CA Secretary of State Alex Padilla, some 4,000,000 Latino citizens of voting age have NOT REGISTERED TO VOTE…Loretta Sanchez will become the next Senator representing the State of California (with its 47% Latino population) when these Latinos VOTE on Presidential Election Day, Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

6) Gov. Jerry Brown (CA Democrat)  has already endorsed Loretta Sanchez (Democrat-District 46).

7) Sanchez has run second, far ahead of all Republican candidates, meaning that Loretta Sanchez and Pamela Harris are likely to face each other in the Tuesday, November 8, 2016 Presidential election.

Recent polls indicate that Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez would be elected as the next U.S. Senator if the Latino/Hispanic voters would support her with their votes. This is a desirable because with ‘direct representation’ there would be no doubt that certain public policy issues would be on the decision making conference table. Loretta would provide input as an individual who is an experienced Latina. That is totally lacking in the U.S. Senate where she would also take a role in the appointment of several U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justices during the next Presidential term (2017-2021).

If our directly elected representative is not at the table, then you may be assured that certain public policy issues would not be resolved. These include essential reforms needed in: 1) IRS Tax Codes to ensure fair tax levels for all individuals and businesses; 2) Comprehensive Immigration Reform which impacts 11 million undocumented U.S. residents; 3) crafting budget allocations to improve and repair Infrastructure systems, facilities & services; 4) Universal health Care issues; 5) Education issues; 6) Home ownership issues; 7) updating the Law Enforcement/Judicial Systems to eliminate ‘mass incarceration practices’ and several domestic and global economic issues.

With her reputation for taking time and making the effort to cross the aisle (i.e., negotiate and compromise with ultra-conservative representatives), Loretta Sanchez will likely be an influential force in breaking the logjam of inactivity on all legislation during the next President’s Administration.

The U.S. Senate needs a Latina who can communicate to those  U.S. Senate colleagues who have been ‘legislative process obstructionists’ during the past seven years. They all must begin to do their jobs by crafting legislation which becomes the law of the land when signed by the President.

This may mean crafting special legislation which requires those members of Congress who have signed pledges to not make budget allocations to the EPA or other Federal agencies when accepting ‘DARK MONEY’. These Members of Congress need to be required to recuse themselves from voting on any legislation to which they have a conflict of interest as a consequence of accepting DARK MONEY during their election campaign.

With future Senator Loretta Sanchez and her sister Linda Sanchez (CA-Dem-District 38) who is still a House Member, it would be possible to effectively influence and  coordinate actions which break the grip of DARK MONEY. Then the U.S. Congress may return to crafting legislation using this nation’s resources to do the greatest good for all Americans.

On Tuesday, June 7, 2016, vote to elect Loretta Sanchez, future Senator (CA).