A Hell of a Good Time

Eduardo Hilario / El Observador

Bethesda Soft works, creators of such games as the Elder Scrolls series, Fallout 3&4, recently released the open beta for their upcoming game, DOOM, a reimagining of the 1993 hit about an unnamed space marine, popularly known as “Doom Guy”, stuck on the Moon base on Phobos, which later turns out to be floating over Hell itself. Doom Guy must fight his way through the moon base and Hell itself to get back to earth. Often considered the “Father of modern first person shooters” DOOM has been dormant for the last few years. This was until June 10th, 2014, when a trailer of the game was revealed at E3 to overwhelmingly positive reaction from fans of the series.

While the Beta consisted of multiplayer only, the main game is set to have a campaign that is as fast paced and violent as the original. The beta had two game modes, Team Deathmatch and Warpath, which is a “king of the hill” type of game where you must control a constantly moving space. The multiplayer is insanely fast paced. If you are killed, you are almost immediately put back into the action, there is no reloading of weapons because all the ammo you have is in the magazine of your gun, and the normal walking pace is your character sprinting around the battlefield. A neat little feature of the multiplayer is a power up in the arena called a “Demon Rune”, which turns the person that picked it up into a powerful demon for a short amount of time. There is a selection screen for the demon you play with if you collect the rune, though we were only limited to one in the beta, a jetpack-wearing demon with two rockets on its shoulder called The Revenant. Hopefully, in the final release players will be able to play as favorite demons from the original DOOM, such as the “Spider Mastermind”, “Cacodemon” and the “Cyber Demon”.

At the time of writing this, the single player is being revealed in little bits. From what we know, the single player is said to be chaotic and violent as its predecessors. A lot of fan favorite demons are returning to this game. The single player will also encourage players to not hide behind cover by having health packs, power ups and making health regeneration very slow. When players drain the health of an enemy, the can perform a melee kill called a “glory kill”, in which the enemy is killed in a very visceral way. We shall have to wait till May 13th to experience the full single player.

DOOM seems like a nice departure from all the serious and modern setting of most first person shooters today. The enemies are also a great break from the usual PMC or terrorist organization of most games. Developed by Bethesda and the original company that brought the series to life in the 90’s, DOOM is setting up to be an amazing and violent game with enough content to stand up in its own with the pedigree of a developer of so many amazing games and its original developer. I, for one, am very excited to see the return of Doom Guy and his war with Hell, and all it has to throw at him.