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    Trump Caves into anti-immigrant sentiment and ends DACA

    Raul Ray Special to El Observador RAUL RAY IS AN IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY BASED OUT OF SAN JOSE, CA President Donald Trump despite all his rhetoric about how much he loves Dreamers and that they don’t have to worry about their future just how hypocritical he is by bowing down...
  • The DACA program has given work permits to more than three quarters of a million people, about 215-thousand living in California. Photo Credit: Pixabay

    With DACA Threatened, Immigrant Rights Group Mobilizes Defense

    Suzanne Potter California News Service LOS ANGELES – Immigrants’ rights groups are organizing a week-long series of rallies aimed at saving DACA, after reports surfaced that President Donald Trump will decide its fate this week. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program has given work permits to more than...
  • Almost 133,000 parents of U.S. citizens immigrated legally to the United States in 2015. A bill endorsed by President Trump would limit those numbers. Photo Credit: Pixabay

    Advocates Call Trump Legal Immigration Proposal Racist, Inhumane

    Suzanne Potter California News Service LOS ANGELES — Immigrant-rights groups are calling President Trump’s proposal to cut legal immigration by half racist and mean-spirited. On Wednesday August 2nd, the president endorsed the Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy Act, or RAISE Act, which would favor English-speaking, high-skill immigrants...
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    City of Oakland Moves To Terminate ICE Agreement With Police Department

    Public Safety Committee Votes This Week on ICE Resolution and Civil Rights Ordinance Oakland, CA- This week the Public Safety committee of the Oakland City Council will consider a resolution from at-large representative Rebecca Kaplan to terminate agreements between the Oakland Police Department and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE),...
  • Immigration groups want details after President Trump floated the idea of a compromise on Tuesday February 28th, then took a hard line in his speech before Congress. Photo Credit: Kconnors/morguefile

    Immigration Advocates Speak Out After President Hints at Compromise

    Suzanne Potter California News Service LOS ANGELES — California immigrant rights groups say they’re puzzled and want more details after President Trump sent conflicting signals about immigration on Tuesday February 28th. First, the president reportedly told a group of news anchors that he’s open to some sort of compromise...
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Infographic Credit: Mexican Consulate of San Jose.

    Immigration Raids: What to Know

    Supervisor Dave Cortese Rumors about immigration raids in our county have surfaced over the past few weeks. The rumors have spread across social media, but none were ever confirmed. Understandably, many are trying to inform their immigrant friends and colleagues in an effort to keep them safe. Unfortunately, without...
  • Mayors of Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose made joint statements regarding the future of sanctuary cities in the Bay Area. Photo Credit: Pixabay

    Bay Area Mayors Respond Collectively to Trump Administration Immigration Policy

    On Wednesday January 25th the mayors of the Bay Area’s three largest cities, Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose, and the City of Berkeley spoke out against President Trump’s executive order on immigration. They reaffirmed their commitment to working together to address the many challenges the region faces from...
  • Community members should know that the local government is preparing to provide immigration
aid. Photo Credit: Pixabay

    San Jose to Provide More Resources for Fearful Immigrants

    Estephany Haro El Observador As the days get closer for President Obama to pass on the Oval Office to president-elect Donald Trump, some cities are preparing to bring protection to immigrants. San Jose presented a plan on Tuesday at the City Hall to provide “safe spaces” for immigrants in...
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    By Raul Ray, Esq.      All across the country, undocumented immigrants have been anxiously waiting and holding out hope that the Obama deferred actions programs better known as the Expanded DACA and DAPA programs would take affect before the end of the year.      On Monday, those...