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Many citizens in this democracy seem to forget that their participation as voters is very essential to sustaining our democratic governance. The maintenance of democracy requires just a little effort by each citizen. An assumption is that each voting citizen takes time to learn about the issues and candidates who want to become elected officials.

A goal for each and every citizen is to plan to VOTE ON TUESDAY, MARCH 3, 2020. By now each eligible voter has received an official “Vote by Mail” election balloting materials.

I received mine this past Monday, February 24, 2020. This ballot must be submitted by return mail on or before midnight, Tuesday, March 3, 2020.

All mail-in ballots having a U.S. POST OFFICE stamp which was applied prior to midnight, Tuesday, March 3, 2020 will be tabulated.

While 100% of the voters actually voting has never been achieved, it would be very good if at least 66% of all registered voters did actually vote.

Those who do not vote for whatever reason, must realize that in a reverse logic manner they are helping each elected official to win. This is especially so if your vote was to be against the elected official who benefitted from not having you vote against him/her be counted

In the past the Hispanic-Latino voters have achieved a record high of 39% voter turnout that is documentable. Their goal needs to be to achieve 66% voter participation (out of three Hispanic-Latino voters, two actually vote). That level of voting achievement would place that Hispanic-Latino cohort on a par with the Anglo-Saxon voter performance.

Each vote counts! A basic premise of democracy is one person: one vote. In a negative way, even those voters who do not document their anonymous voting choices with an actual vote, they are assisting the elected official who was elected especially if their vote was to be a “negative vote” (I.E., a vote against them and for one of the other candidates).

Your actual vote is your voice! It is the one meaningful action which each citizen can take on each and every election day. It is the basis of government by the people, with the people, and for the people.

Whenever a citizen does not vote for whatever reason, that lack of responsible action, diminishes our nation’s democracy.

Certain elected officials would never have been elected had all voters cast their ballots. Fortunately, in America, elected officials have term limits. Our American nation is resilient enough to withstand any schemes by those self-serving individuals who end up using their elected authority and power to benefit themselves and their colleagues.

The best way to offset this type of elected official performance is to plan to vote for your choices on each and every election day. Voting by mail was authorized and implemented to enable each and every voter to express and document their voter’s choices. The VOTE BY MAIL official balloting materials get delivered by mail to your home.

Those “Presidential Primary Election” materials enable you to vote for (i.e., elect) the next President of the United States of America.

After listening to the last two debates, I personally still favor the election of the first woman as President. That would be Senator Elizabeth Warren. I am impressed with her advanced planning efforts which her adversaries do not do nor demonstrate. Those plans reveal that Ms. Warren has given some thought to domestic programs as well as those issues of international foreign affairs.

Warren favors withdrawal of U.S. military forces. I would advise that a few American Special Forces be retained in the Mid-East to deliver the training and explain the values plus practices which enable development of a sustainable safety, security and peace in all communities. That would enable the rebuilding of those communities whose facilities were destroyed by military demolitions.

The main issue is the following: Can the several Mid-Eastern peoples learn to live together without needing to be the dominant authority in control’?

The Mid-East is the cradle of several religions: Christianity, Judaism; and Muslims. Can the practice of honoring One God using three different religious traditions ever be practiced in this same Israeli territory?

Here in America, without Freedom of Religion ideals, all religions are practiced in relative peace and tranquility. Why do certain clerics (who are MEN) insist on dominance for their particular religious approach?

When will humankind let every live while we all “Let God Prevail” over all creation?

During this year’s Lenten season, resolve to meditate and contemplate over issues which do not let humankind live together. Rather let us all focus on what needs to be accomplished to enable all of GOD’s creation live together in harmony and peace.

Just consider the immense amount of resources America, along with every other nation, expends in the maintenance of military forces which are used to enforce and impose the peace which is not really peaceful.

Rather than superiority and dominance, can nations focus on the creation of knowledge, goods and services which are distributed and shared according to need in an atmosphere of global peace!

In this Presidential Election 2020 let us try to define attitudes and actions which enable peace and prosperity. Resources currently used to sustain an overwhelming military force could then be re-directed towards undertaking the distribution of shelter, foods, and education along with a governance which is non-authoritarian.

Surely, there must be a way to having law and order in all communities coupled with an approach that resolves issues without the use of destructive forces. Under those criteria, the issue of fear is diminished. Hopefully an expectation of higher levels of personal security and fairness will permit humankind to minimize wars.

Let us keep trying to minimize the need for military actions which enforce the peace which we all crave for. With today’s technology in communications and production of goods and services, it should be possible to highly reduce the wastefulness of war while we implement the best practices leading to peace and tranquility.

What each of us needs to contribute is a willingness to speak softly but carry a big stick. Let’s resolve issues with comprehensive discussions, negotiations and acceptable compromises. This approach to a sustainable peace is a path with many diversions which will need resolution. We each may begin today with a resolution to do our personal part to achieve local peace and tranquility for all of humankind. In our democracy, that means that we each take responsibility to do our part and to thank others for agreements which enable our collective peace and tranquility.

That begins with using our personal vote to choose representatives who seek the peace and tranquility we all want to experience. This begins with our responsible voting choices this coming Presidential Election Day, on March 3, 2020.

We will sustain our democratic governance with our votes on Tuesday, March 3,2020. PLAN TO VOTE! SUSTAIN AND ENABLE DEMOCRACY BY VOTING on Tuesday, March 3, 2020!

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