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Hilbert Morales

Here is an E-mail received on February 14, 2019 from the office of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi which was entitled “WASTING NO TIME”.

It read as follows: “Last month, thanks to grassroots supporters like you Hilbert, Democrats officially assumed the House Majority. Now, the American people have the representation they deserve, rather than an endless cycle of stealing Americans’ healthcare (Insurance services) and covering for Trump’s many misdeeds.”

It continues: “We’re wasting no time. We’ve already begun the fights to:

•Reduce gun violence

•Protect the more than one hundred million

Americans with preexisting conditions (by stopping repeal efforts of the 2010 Affordable Care Act, aka as ObamaCare).

•Strengthen voting rights (by dealing with jerrymandering congressional districts; requiring I.D.’s; addressing voter suppression (Jim Crow) practices) all of which impact voter participation in our democracy.

•And addressing many more issues such as national security issues at the USA-Mexican border.

BUT WE NEED RESOURCES (MONEY) TO “KEEP ON KEEPING ON” on all fronts. Will you contribute today?” The resource being addressed is money, and these funds are necessary to accomplish what needs to be done very soon.    

House Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio- Cortez (D-NY), who calls herself a Socialist Democrat recently proposed a progressive tax of 70% on incomes exceeding $10 million which already has 15 co-sponsors. This progressive income tax proposal is being deliberated now and is indicative of why the U.S. Congress will benefit from replacement of members of the establishment. Again, the issue is MONEY and its more appropriate redistribution using the Federal government’s taxation authority.

Initially, Trump asked for $5.7 Billion to be allocated by Congress for THAT WALL. Pelosi said, “Our new Democratic Majority is well aware of the (many) tasks before us. We’re up against not only a president who routinely debases our democracy’s (institutions), but a Republican Party that covers for him at every turn and a special interest lobby determined to promote (and support) them.”

“We (Democrats) may not have access to the limitless special interest money (as)our opponents do. But we have grassroots supporters like you, which I’ll take any day of the week.

Donate today to help House Democrats keep fighting. Thank you.”

Regarding another related issue, Senator Bernie Sanders declared:

“Let me be very clear. We cannot allow this country to become an oligarchy in which a handful of billionaires control our economy, (society) and its political life.”

Sanders continues: “At a time of massive wealth and income inequality, when the three richest people own more wealth than the bottom half of this country and when 46% of all new income goes to the top 1%, we need a progressive tax system which demands that very wealthy (individuals) and large corporations start paying their fair share of taxes. That is what poll after poll shows the American people want.”

The initial funding request by Trump for THAT WALL was $5.7 Billion. The House negotiated that amount down to $1.7 Billion in the most recent budget proposal designed to please Trump so as to prevent a second Federal Agency Shutdown (which impacted some 800,000 Federal civil servants). In response, Trump declared “AN EMERGENCY” along the U.S.-Mexico border which will enable him to get around the U.S. Constitutional Checks & Balances. It is the U.S. Congress which has the authority to fund projects. “AN EMERGENCY” permits Trump to move funds from other projects to THAT WALL. This “national emergency” is entirely unreasonable and unsupported by existing reality’s facts. No doubt this approach will be challenged in courts. Again, the issue is obtaining reasonable funding.

My observation is that all these different efforts to obtain funding end up being provided by those of us who are grunts, i.e., working class folks who reliably pay their fair share of all taxes. The Federal government currently has the most effective method of collecting funds and re- directing those tax revenues to programs which will do the most good for the greatest number.

I highly recommend sending funds to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi who is very able to sustain those checks & balances which the Trump Administration seeks to avoid. D.J. Trump has experienced a life journey which many of us are too honest to imagine.

Let’s do what we can to keep it that way. Contact <Jorge Aguilar <>. Do consider that “Early Money Is Like Yeast”, the EMILY principle. Contribute to the cause of Defending our Democracy against all who attack it – both foreign and domestic assailants.