East Side Union High School District Celebrates Student Who Earned “Perfect” Score on Advanced Placement Exam

Photo Credit: Evergreen Valley High School

1 of Only 6 Students in the World

San Jose, CA – – Evergreen Valley High School, part of the East Side Union High School District, celebrates Tommy Tran for earning a perfect score on his Advanced Placement (AP) Exam in May 2017.

Tran was 1 of only 6 students in the world to earn every point possible on the AP Calculus AB Exam in May 2017, receiving the maximum score on each portion of the exam.  

“I am very proud of Tommy. He is highly intelligent and talented in mathematics,” said Anh Thieu, Tran’s AP Calculus AB math teacher. “I was a demanding teacher and believed in all of my students. I pushed them to do better than what they believed themselves capable of doing.”

AP Exams are based and reported on a 5-point scale, where a 5 is equivalent to a grade of A in the corresponding college course. Tran received the top score of 5.

“AP courses and exams are college-level, and require hard work and focus on the part of students and their teachers,” said Trevor Packer, senior vice president of AP and Instruction at the College Board. “On behalf of the College Board, we congratulate the students and community members who make challenging coursework and focused practice a priority, and who motivate and encourage all students to capture their academic potential.”

The College Board is committed to ensuring that students have access to the opportunities they have earned. Students who succeed in AP are not only more likely to succeed in college, but have the chance to save a significant amount of time and money by earning college credit or placement.

To learn more about AP, please visit exploreap.org