Opinion Photo Credit: The White House from Washington, DC

Hilbert Morales

The most significant happening during 2017 was the installation of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States of America. Almost all mainstream media commentators along with prognosticators who expected Hillary Clinton to have been elected first woman President were wrong. Hillary never did tell American voters why she merited being their choice.

Trump diligently distracted her with the ’email’ issue plus asking Russian hackers to find those 30,000 emails which were lost (but were found again). Trump continued his ‘distraction technique’ since being installed as President. Now, We, The People know what we are dealing with…a leader who makes his own rules; is not conventional at all, bullies, insults and creates ‘alternative realities’.

Humankind throughout this world, must always deal with three issues: 1) The survival needs of their BODY; 2) their need for truthful and factual information which their MIND may process and decide to reject or use; and 3) those uplifting visionary core values which our SPIRITS can comprehend, accept and use.

Trump’s leadership style is that “I know what is best for anyone; I can do it all by myself.” Towards the end of 2017, Trump displayed his ‘quid-pro-quo’ negotiation style usually projected from his ‘power and authority’ base. This legislation was the ‘Jobs and Tax Adjustment Act which both Senate and House approved and he signed into being the law of the land just before Christmas 2017. “The jobs and lower taxes are my gift to the American people,” declared Trump. Analysts agree it give 83% of the wealth to those already very rich; it is a form of legalized theft which is being paid for by the working class.

It is useful to do an analysis which permits the consideration of many issues without being distracted. Let’s first consider survival needs of (1) our BODY has for potable water, food, clothing, a warm safe, secure shelter. Consider Flint, Michigan where high lead levels are toxic, especially to developing children. Consider those refugees who fled wild fires and survived three destructive hurricanes. Many victims of these natural disasters are still waiting for FEMA assistance.

In the case of Houston, Texas, New Orleans, LA., and the fire ravaged areas of California (and anywhere else), will the local civic, state and national leadership be able to do future full recovery planning at new sites where the relocated neighborhoods will be safer?

If those ravaged communities are ‘rebuilt’ in their historic locations, how soon will it be before we need to ‘rebuild’ again? Are we willing to pay for better continuous wilderness management?

At a personal level, American women stepped up with their #MeToo movement which tells predatory abusive men to behave, respect and be kind and honorable. Without these women’s family management, work skills, reproductive capacity and willingness to give birth to the next generation, this diverse American population cannot continue to be viable at all social levels. More women need to be elected to U.S. Congressional seats to fully represent their perspectives of collaboration and nurturing care.

Kevin de Leόn @kdeleon (said): “The people who work in the Senate and the public we serve, must have complete confidence that no public official is above the law or our (recent)

strict zero-tolerance (sexual) harassment policies. Those who violate these (upgraded) policies will be held to account – swiftly and justly.” (Source: Politico, California, 11.14.2017)

A necessary cultural behavioral shift is happening in this society. Both genders need to learn how to communicate their mutual consent to be intimate partners and to learn nonviolent ways to end or not begin these relationships.

With respect to our MIND, individuals need truthful and factual information which their thought process may assess, evaluate, and then decide to reject or use when appropriate. This is purposely difficult to do when one does not know if Trump is using facts or his ‘alternative facts’. Note his need to control reality by not divulging his personal IRS 1040 Forms; nor present his proposed visions to the public to enable feedback commentary.

He has acted independently several times (withdrawal from TPP (12 nation Transpacific Pact) and the Paris Accord (Global Climate Voluntary Actions by 198 nations). Single-handedly Trump has pulled America down from its pinnacle as a Super-Power leader. Into that leadership vacuum both Russia and China have moved in quickly.

It is important that the American people remain vigilant and wary…especially of his ‘saber- rattling’ interchanges with North Korea.
Both Canada and Mexico must insist being equitably and fairly treated when NAFTA is renegotiated. Trump may be fearful of the factual history being reconstructed by FBI’s Special Investigator Mueller. If Trump impulsively interferes in any manner, he will be obstructing justice and suffer the consequences.

Our SPIRIT, especially its independent aspect, has been underestimated by Trump. His inability to share his plans will be his undoing. What Trump and his ultra- conservative colleagues, have not accepted is that what makes America Great is its diverse people. His ‘white supremacy persona’ has emboldened neo-Nazis, KKK, and other racists to be more public with their hate, bias, bigotry, and xenophobia. The American Spirit will prevail simply because of its knowledge that Divine Providence has placed many resources within our national borders. These resources are not meant to be owned by the 0.01% who have schemed and used its influence and wealth to thwart the U.S. Congressional legislative process.

That tax bill just enacted is a form of legalized misallocation of the wealth which is produced by ‘Working Class People’. What the American voter needs to do is simply to ‘Plan to make the 2018 New Year very significant by guiding the American ship of state back towards being a true democracy (not an oligarchy) whose elected officials craft new legislation which creates an effective redistribution of the wealth of this nation. America’s ‘good Samaritan Stewardship’ spirit will prevail over exploitive materialism and profiteering.

This American Democracy can lead an effort which improves the world-wide living standards using its military power, its compassion and sympathy to elevate all people who reside on earth. There is much work to be done to elect leaders who will be servants serving all.

Americans have the morals, ethics, and purpose which will lead to a world wherein disputes are not settled by military might. Our military-industrial complex must understand that America is not about conquest and exploitation, but rather, about learning to live together; knowing and respecting the universal core values embodied in all religions.

Our superiority emanates from our willingness to share resources to enable all to enjoy ‘a higher standard of living’. Through fair & equitable sharing, ‘We, The People’ can achieve ‘PEACE ON EARTH WITH OUR GOOD WILL SERVING ALL HUMANITY. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT!