Photo Credit: Santa Clara County Parks

PARK SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CA – Santa Clara County Parks is pleased to announce the opening of a newly constructed, innovative playground at Hellyer County Park. Although the winter floods delayed construction and pushed backed the opening of the new playground from earlier this summer, the playground literally opened with a splash on Tuesday September 19, 2017.

The new playground will feature a 30-ft. high structure for slides and bridges, swings, climbing structures, and a water play area to keep children cool on warm summer days. The play area water feature is a first for Santa Clara County Parks.

The water play area includes an extensive collection of jets, waterfalls, and sprinklers that keep outdoor play cool and refreshing. The system recirculates the water through an underground 4,000-gallon holding tank that is chemically treated and filtered similar to a swimming pool.

The new playground is nearly twice the size as the original and can accommodate 100 in the water play area and 200 children total. Shady picnic areas surround the new playground and Cottonwood Lake is only steps away. Hellyer County Park is located at 935 Hellyer Avenue in San Jose.

The Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department has provided recreational opportunities, beautiful parks and precious natural resources for Santa Clara County residents for over 60 years. This golden legacy has resulted in one of the largest regional park systems in the State of California.