Santa Clara Unified Opens Mission Early College Hight School

Gillmor Building at Mission College, where MECHS is housed. Photo Credit: Mission College

Students Earn a High School Diploma and College Credit

SANTA CLARA, CA — Santa Clara Unified School District this week announced the opening of Mission Early College High School (MECHS) for the 2017-2018 school year.

MECHS, formerly known as the Mission Middle College program, is a small public school in Santa Clara Unified that blends high school and college into a coherent educational program. The high school provides a unique opportunity for students to earn a high school diploma and up to two years of college credit in three years or less.

The goal of MECHS is to provide students with a viable alternative for matriculating through high school and continuing on through post-secondary education, to eventually graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. The school will accommodate up to 120 students from 10th and 11th grades in the fall of each school year .

The transition of the Mission Middle College program into an independent high school is part of SCUSD’s ongoing effort to provide students and families who desire a non-traditional learning environment with alternative pathways to a quality education. This innovative model allows learning to take place in a personalized environment where rigorous work is both demanded and supported. The key to the success of MECHS lies in the collaborative relationship of teacher partners who are committed to doing what it takes to support students. As a result, MECHS students will develop self-advocacy skills and independence, which will transfer to life beyond the classroom and help them to thrive as responsible citizens in a global community.

In a letter to the SCUSD Board of Trustees, the parent of a recent Middle College graduate says, “Mission Middle College was a godsend for our child and when I say that it ‘saved him,’ I mean it… This program should not only continue, but should grow into something that more students can benefit from.”

Student Matt N. says, “My first couple of days were definitely not the same as my first days at a private school. It felt different, but I knew this was where I belonged. I remember walking in and thinking ‘whoa’ this is going to be a wild, new adventure.” He goes on to say, “Everyone was easy to talk to, and everyone was there for each other. I met more and more people as I went on with my days at Middle College and now can say that I have made long-lasting friendships.”

MECHS Principal Viola Smith says, “Thanks to the vision of our Superintendent, Dr. Stan Rose, and our partnership with such a forward-thinking institution as Mission College, we are pleased to not only offer students a top rate education, but to also support them on their journey through college and life after MECHS.”

More information:

Website – https://mmc-scusd-ca.

MECHS – (408) 855-5532