Los Toons and Anáhuac Films Join Forces to Produce “Los Toons” for Univision

Photo Credit: Los Toons

Los Toons is partnering with Anáhuac Films on the 2D animated specials “Los Toons” for Univision Network that will be viewed in the U.S. and Mexico.

Higher Birth Rate for Hispanics in the U.S.

When women, on average, have more than two children, the population grows, as opposed to remaining steady or decreasing. Recent estimates indicate that the total fertility rate for Hispanic women in the U.S. exceeds this number, while fertility remains lower than this among non-Hispanic white women.

In addition, a greater proportion of Hispanics are in the family-building stage of life-in their childbearing years (ages 15 to 44)-than are their non-Hispanic counterparts.

In 2014, over one fifth (23 percent) of all U.S. births occurred to Hispanic women. Notably, fertility now contributes more than immigration does to the growth of the Hispanic population. This means an increasing proportion of Hispanic children are U.S.-born; in fact, over 90 percent of Hispanic children under age 18 were born in the United States.

Source: National Center on Hispanic Children & Families

The launch will be the first multi-cultural animation project that will air in Spanish and in English for years to come and which will utilize characters as spokespersons to reach three generations; grandparents, parents and kids for family messaging while delivering an “evergreen” product that adapts to changing cultural  norms and demands of the Hispanic community.

The specials are based on the characters created by Martha Montoya. Los Toons roots in Hispanic culture giving a unique perspective in building colorful and traditional stories, which are told by the creative characters born from her Colombian heritage, traditions and locations. We’ll follow the adventures of Martha, Beto and Paolo as they learn how to balance their parent’s rich
traditions with the sometimes, confusing melting pot that surrounds them. In doing so, Los Toons, their alter egos, Pikito, Mima, and Picarito help us explore the wide range of questions faced by all families as they merge their old traditions with a new way of life.

The three specials:

“Aventuras de Regreso a Clase”
“El Día de Acción de Gracias”
“La Navidad”

Los Toons will feature music and animation that resonates with all ages, are targeted to and bridge the gap between newly arriving immigrants and their quickly acculturated children, as well as multi-generational families who value their culture and heritage.

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