“Titanfall 2”: The Perfect Stocking Stuffer for A Gamer

Photo Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Eduardo Hilario

El Observador

With Christmas just a week away, some of you might be wondering what the perfect gift for the gamer in your family, if you have one that is. One such gift I could recommend is “Titanfall 2”, the latest game by Respawn Entertainment and the sequel to their critically acclaimed, fast paced multiplayer shooter, “Titanfall”. A lot of you might be asking, why is this perfect gift for the gamer for Christmas? Allow me to give you some example as to why this game is the perfect gift for them.

One example I can give right off the bat is the titular Titans of Titanfall, the giant mechs that are operated a Pilot, highly trained and mobile soldiers trained to use said Titans. The Titans are a huge selling point of the game. Why you might ask? Because nothing is more fun that operating 40 tons of walking and talking machinery with an arsenal of variations to choose from.

There’s your lightweight Titans line Ronin, a sword and shotgun wielding Titan with the ability to phase in and out of battle, Northstar, the sniper of the Titans with a hover capability, tethers to ensnare other Titans and a railgun to dish out huge amounts of damage from a distance. You also have you mid range Titans which are meant for more beginners guide to Titans like the Ion Titan, which comes equipped with an energy rifle that can split its projectiles into three separate beams for maximum damage, a vortex shield that absorbs all projectiles so they can be flung back to their sender, and a shoulder mounted laser cannon for a quick shot to damage enemies or to get those pesky Pilots out of the sky. The other mid range Titan is Tone, who is equipped with a 40mm tracking cannon capable of getting a lock on a target. Once locked on, you can fire a volley of tracking rockets at your target for maximum damage. And now onto the heavy Titans. The heavy armor, but low Titans include, Scorch, who is equipped with a cannon firing thermite round to set targets ablaze, gas canisters to set an entire section ablaze and a flame whip to lay down a long stream of fire. The final Titan, and my personal favorite, Is the Legion, the mini gun wielding, zone controlling badass of Titanfall. If you’re looking for a Titan that makes you feel like a souped-up version of the Terminator, look no further. Legion is equipped with a mini-gun, rightfully called the “Predator Cannon” which comes with two firing modes, long range for more accurate shots and close range for a more scattered wall of lead. Each firing mode also has a charged shot. It’s pure fun as you strut your way across maps.

Another reason to buy this game, is the fact that all the future map packs and bonus weapons in multiplayer are all free of charge as to not alienate part of the fan base. This is a practice not seen too often in the gaming industry and should be praised for not going the route of a season pass, where one purchases the access to extra downloadable maps and game types down the road. There are items you can buy, but is nothing that can be considered “pay-to-win”. It’s more cosmetic stuff for your Pilot or your Titan, like alternate nose art.

Finally, the other reason to buy this game is that this game comes with a rather solid campaign. Unlike the predecessor which had only a multiplayer element, with little backstory.  In Titanfall 2 you follow the story of Jack Cooper, A Militia rifleman thrust into the position of Acting Pilot for the Titan BT-7274 or “BT” for short, as they do their best to survive on a IMC controlled planet hundreds of mile from an kind of reinforcements, all the while, they are being hunter by a group of mercenary Pilots called The Apex Predators. The story is not long but it is as long as it needs to be to establish the relationship between Jack and BT, with a few comedic bits thrown in. The action is nonstop and the boss fights with other Titans are a great challenge on the master difficulty of the game. Many grunts and scoffs were had at this difficulty level.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who is a gamer, or you’re looking for something to spoil yourself with, then give “Titanfall 2” a look. I promise that you’ll have a hell of a good time running and jumping around while big robot mechs battle it out on the ground.