Let’s prepare for the coming Trump Administration

Photo Courtesy: Flickr.com/Michael Vadon

Hilbert Morales


Now that the 2016 Presidential Election results are established, it behooves all to begin to prepare for the future Trump Administration.

Keep in mind that Republican’s ideology is focused upon a ‘smaller federal government’. The ‘Establishment’ merits what happened because since 1975 (Reagan Administration), the working class folks have been neglected and abused. The Republican controlled U.S. Congress took care of the special interests with lower tax rates while the working class continued to pay their share of taxes and experienced stagnant low wages. After the 2008 election, President Obama had a Democratic controlled U.S. Congress, both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Trump will have the same situation. The Republican Party enjoys a majority in both chambers of the U.S. Congress. The result is that the Republican conservative ideology will be applied in the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives. Simply stated, the conservative governance ideology will be applied by the Trump Administration. What does this mean?

I recommend that civic organizations organize forums in which the constitutional rights of residents, both citizens and non-citizens, are presented, explained, and discussed. There exists a great need to inform adults about their constitutional rights which enable them to be responsible for themselves and their families. Local civic organizations such as the American GI Forum, San Jose Chapter, led this week by “Commander” Jose Aguirre need to prepare programs which enable their membership to ‘share resources’. Why? Recall that Trump, when campaigning, said, “During the first 100 days of my administration, I am going to reverse all those executive orders which President Obama initiated and executed.” Statements such as this are the basis of student’s fear and anxiety which local school officials had to address last Wednesday.

Stephanie P. Farias, principal, Washington Elementary School, reported to Los Amigos members that she issued a memorandum to all WES teachers and students that ‘their parents will not be deported any time soon’. The student’s fearful anxieties and concerns had to be addressed to enable the teaching & learning process to continue. Despite explanations about the “Checks and Balance” system already built into the U.S. Constitution, the students continued to be fearful and anxious even with assurances that “you are safe on this school’s campus”. This was an outcome of Trump’s campaign promise to deport all undocumented ‘illegal’ residents, especially Mexicans…and to build that wall along the border shared by America and Mexico.

LULAC (League of United Latin-American Citizens), La Raza Roundtable, and other civic organizations need to be asked to collaborate. Trump’s campaign assertions must be systematically reviewed and analyzed to anticipate outcomes in delivery of any and all entitlements: Social Security, social services, behavioral/mental health services, the school lunch programs; dealing with actions of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents; the continuation of ‘sanctuary cities’; the review and update of local policies to report the undocumented to ICE, etc.

In brief, what happens in our community when the welfare safety net is not supported by federal funding? Is our local Planned Parenthood clinic’s funding to be cut back? Is the level of support for

Medicare to be cut back? What can the local Mexican Counsel do to assist their own? Who knows how to contact them?

It is very important to have local civic groups let their constituencies know that ‘they are there for information, consultation, and referral’ to existing resources available locally. Heads of households need to know who to call for this information. A communication system for assistance must be established that is open and available, especially to the undocumented amongst us. Very important is the individual’s right “to keep silent; to not self-incriminate; to have legal counsel”, to ask for and have representation; and to ask for a warrant when any ICE agent knocks on their home’s door.

One hopeful sign is that Trump, being the business person who believes in ‘making a deal’ (i.e., negotiating), has already indicated that he is open to ‘a fence’, not the wall’ along the border at appropriate sites. He has already indicated to President Obama, that in regards to the 2010 Affordable Care Act (Obama Care), he is willing to keep two provisions: Health Care Insurers may not exclude anyone due to pre-existing health issues and youth may continue to have coverage until age 26 under their parents policy.

Let’s prepare for the coming Republican Trump Administration. Low income disadvantaged communities need to use the next two months by becoming organized and informed so as to mitigate negative impacts of “smaller federal government” which Republican ideology promises. Let’s prepare by planning and being patient. Being forewarned requires being informed which enables being fore-armed. This is the way to reduce fearful anxiety which our kids in their innocence display. Can we get this done? Yes. Together we can. “Juntos hacemos mas con exito.”