Photo Courtesy: Krassotkin (derivative), Gage Skidmore (Donald Trump), Gage Skidmore (Hillary Clinton)

Hilbert Morales

This Presidential Election scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2016, has not been very informative about the role the U.S. President as its CEO (Chief Executive Officer). Mainstream media has focused upon the future President’s role as CIC (Commander-in-Chief). The reason for this may be that the Military-Industrial Complex, which former President Eisenhower warned this nation about, is now in control of too much. Of all the agencies the Pentagon has the largest budget and, on occasion, the U.S. Congress allocates funding for weaponry development not needed nor desired by the Pentagon.

Think of America as a very large corporation whose cash flow amounts to more than $3 trillion per year. It is a special corporation because its funds are all handled by the U.S. Treasury Department and its monetary instrument, the U.S. Dollar, has been and is the most stable, reliable currency in this world. Finally, it is ‘We, The People’ who back up the U.S. Treasury with our ‘full faith and credit’.

What is a Chief Executive Officer? A CEO is the highest-ranking executive in this American nation; and he/she is elected by ‘We, the People”. The President, as CEO, even outranks any and all military generals or admirals. It is a very important feature in the U.S. Constitution that an elected official is responsible for execution of public policy, both civilian and military. As former President Harry Truman stated, “The Buck stops here.”

As CEO, the President’s primary responsibilities includes implementation of the laws of the land, which the U.S. Congress in its responsibility to craft, through negotiation and compromise, the many public policies needed to accomplish the ‘Public Interest’ (while doing the greatest good for the greatest number). The President also implements the public policies which have been already established .

As America’s CEO, President Obama made major decisions and managed this nation’s overall operations and resources.

The White House, especially its Oval Office which represents this nation’s executive branch, becomes the main point of communication between the U.S. Congress (Senate and House which make up the Legislative branch) and the Supreme Court (the Judicial Branch). As prescribed by the U.S. Constitution, these three arms of our national democratic government exist and exercise all the ‘check and balances’ extant.

The upcoming November 8th election is when registered voters in each state elect the new President along with many Senators and Members of the House of Representatives. The President, Vice-President, Senate (100 elected officials) and the House of Representatives (435 elected officials) are all supposed to work together in the constitutionally established processes which govern this nation and its resources. That’s 537 elected officials which govern this nation and its 335 million residents. President Obama’s term will end this coming January 2017. His successor will be elected by the registered voters of these United States on November 8. America, as this worlds super-power, has been able to transfer the power and authority of its CEO peacefully since its sovereignty was established 240 years ago during 1776. 

Consider what a newly elected CEO will face when assuming the Office of the President of the United States of America. I am certain that Hillary Clinton already has a TRANSITION TEAM assembled and working diligently out of sight of mainstream media. I am not confident that Donald Trump’s team or the National Republican Committee have their Transition Team working at all. The American Public does not know that about 5,000 appointed officials exist. (These are put up by the President and approved or endorsed by the U.S. Senate). A notable example is the recent Supreme Court nomination of Judge Merrick Garland (at least six months ago) by President Obama on which the U.S. Senate has not taken its ‘up or down’ vote. Therefore, the Senate leadership has not done its job per the U.S. Constitution.

To enable a smooth transition, some 500 individuals need to be already vetted and ready to assume their administrative positions when their predecessors are relieved. The most important selections are those which staff the White House and the top advisory councils which assist the President as CEO on all matters, both domestic and military.

Now, both Transition Teams will need qualified applicants from which to choose appointees. It would be a good move for local associations, (especially CPA’s, Budget & Management Analysts, Lawyers) to inform its membership of this opportunity. The Silicon Valley Latino Community needs to have some direct representation in the White House. Their presence would enable local Latinos to be able to provide direct public policy input on many matters.

In my estimation, being CEO is more important than being the CIC. After all, the CEO takes care of ‘We, the People.’ YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE.