Propaganda & Dirty Tricks in this Presindential Campaign


Hilbert Morales


Republican Party campaign against Hillary Clinton began years ago when the “Can you trust Hillary?” was first raised, After twenty five years of public service only two matters which keep being brought to the public’s attention is: 1) use of a private server for both personal and business emails and 2) That Benghazi, Libya where four foreign service officials were killed by terrorist attacking the American Consulate. Consider that these are the only two issues which conservatives have been able to define and use to diminish her campaign for the U.S Presidency. After twenty five years of public service which included nonprofit organizations which advocated for services needed by women and disadvantaged poor communities, Hillary’s record of public service is an open book.

Certain conservatives began to say “Hillary was not worthy of your trust”. By repeating that over and over again, it became ‘a fact’. That strategy was developed by Nazi’s Heinrich Himmler who noted that if an non-truthful statement was repeated over and over again, people began to accept that statement as being truthful. That is the primary strategy of propaganda…and today it is being used by conservatives to diminish and demean Hillary’s persona and presidential campaign.

These ultra-conservative Republican groups have consistently ‘gone after’ Bill and Hillary Clinton since the 1980’s. WHY? For the most part, the Clinton’s have tried to deal with the issues and challenges facing the lower middle class, people of color, disadvantaged, and disabled marginalized people. These are the folks who are exploited in a variety of ways by the special interest which are now billionaires…of which Donald Trump claims to be one (his IRS tax submittals have not been made available and probably will not).

According to Rachel Maddow (MSNBC, Friday, September 2, 2016, special interests have positioned their dedicated professionals strategically as Campaign Manager, Deputy Campaign Manager, and CEO of Campaigns of the Donald Trump Presidential Campaign apparatus. A ‘hedge fund manager’ named David Mercer is allegedly underwriting all this. Since there are only 60 days left in this presidential campaign, it is reasonable to project the beginning of the ‘dirtiest unscrupulous political campaign ever’ according to Dan Rather, a former Anchor, CBS News, known for his integrity and high ethical standards.

The Trump campaign announced “Trump will speak to African American leaders in Philadelphia, PA,” Trump is planning a round-table discussion with African-American leaders at the Greater Exodus Baptist Church on Broad Street at Fairmont (Philadelphia, PA). Its Pastor on vacation in Mexico, The Reverend Herb Lusk said, “It is a huge surprise to me that Donald Trump is going to make an appearance at (my) church.” (Lusk is the former running back, Philadelphia Eagles, who scored the winning touchdown in the Superbowl (1988). Lusk further stated, “I’m not invited, I have nothing to do with this. It seems like it is connected to me, but it is not connected to me. I haven’t had a single conversation with Trump…or his people, It’s a business arrangement.” Exodus Baptist Church operates a meeting facility which may be rented out to anyone,,,even Trump’s campaign apparatus. A similar deceptive rental of an African American Church facility was scheduled in Detroit, Michigan. Sadly, these ‘meetings’ were both reported as news by national media which has been giving Trump much prime time coverage. Trump is a master at staying ‘in the news’.

Trump’s visit by invitation of Mexican President Nieto was another such happening. That WALL was allegedly discussed, but Nieto says it was only mentioned in passing, but that he assured Trump that Mexico would never pay for it. Purportedly, that wall will keep illegal immigrants from entering America, El Chapo will have a great time burrowing tunnels underneath that wall. But, mainstream media has not examined the perspective that the real purpose of that wall is to keep undocumented immigrants from returning to Mexico. Then, with Trump as the U.S. President, those folks will continue to be the exploited undocumented labor force which has no rights nor legal status. This is ‘the best purpose for that wall’ and the best reason to not elect Trump as the next president. The Republican ultra-conservatives will not permit reformed immigration laws. Nor will they allow adequate funding which is the main reason the Naturalization services are so far behind in the administration of the naturalization process and management oversight of visas. (No one blames the Federal Government for these existing outcomes).

Expect many “hit pieces” of all types; official documents edited to support conservative goals; all types of spinmeistering, etc.

Keep in mind that the U.S. Congress is where ‘the laws of the land are crafted’ following much negotiation and compromise. That is why all those obstructionist members of Congress must not be re-elected. The focus of ultra-conservatives is to have enough power to continue filling their silos with money. They will do anything to continue to foil the democratic governance which does the greatest good for the greatest number.