With Amaury Nolasco

Amaury Nolasco talks about his new film CRIMINAL  / EL OBSERVADOR

Q: Congrats on the film, how was it joining this great cast of iconic Hollywood actors like Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Oldman?

Amaury: I’m still pinching myself, I had the pleasure of meeting the director Ariel Vromen many years ago in Cannes and he approached me to work together in the future.  He called me a few years later with this project and I said sign me up; who do I have to kill?  I jumped on a plane to London and spent 2.5 months with this amazing cast.  These were actors who I grew up admiring, people who have so many awards and I was blessed to work with them.  A teacher once told me, Work with the best and make it your own and that’s something I intend to always do.

Q: Most of this cast has all been in superhero franchises, Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, Gal Godot as Wonder Woman, Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon and Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face.  What Franchise would you like to be a part of or what superhero!?

Amaury: I’m dying to play a superhero!  Not sure which one in particular, but The Justice League because I grew up with that one.  That includes Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Flash, these great characters.  Marvel took the initiative but something about Justice League are the cartoons I grew up with.  There are no Hispanic superheros besides Chapulin Colorado but with your help I would love to play one.  Even if it’s a villain but a villain with super powers, not like Lex Luthor.  Someone who can throw flames or something like that. Good or bad.

Q:  In the film, Ryan Reynolds’ character’s memories are implanted into Kevin Costner’s mind.  Who would you trust to have your memories implanted into?  Someone famous and someone close to you.

Amaury: I trust no one!  But my sister, she’s no longer with me, she passed away a few years ago but she was my confidant.  I would tell her anything, she’s was the best.  As for celebrities, I trust no one except my other sister, Eva Longoria but she already knows all my secrets.

Q: You play a CIA agent in the film, do you think you could be a CIA agent in real life and be able to distance yourself from the crazy work they do every day?

Amaury: No, I feel like these guys they sacrifice their lives for the rest of their lives.  They lead these double lives, their families are always in danger.  You can’t have a family and not have a good night’s sleep.  Wondering if your food has been poisoned, you can’t go to a restaurant comfortably.  I love to sleep too much and I couldn’t do what they do, too much of a headache.  I’m terrified of being on TMZ so I can’t imagine that life.

Q: Tell your fans why they should see CRIMINAL in theaters?

Amaury: This is completely different from my TV roles like Telenovela and other dramatic roles that I’ve done where I play the bad guy.  I’m a good guy in this one but besides me, go see this film for the action.  It’s a rollercoaster, suspense, thriller, action and drama and full of heart. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.