• For Students, A Trip to the Forest is a Game Changer

    As California’s children settle into the new school year, about 1,500 students will soon take the field trip of a lifetime to see the giant redwoods. The nonprofit Save the Redwoods League works with schools from Santa Cruz up to Humboldt. Emily Wiberg, a fourth grade math teacher at Achieve Academy...
  • Seven Tips for Booking a Trip Online

    Better Business Bureau Still need to buy holiday flights or find a room for New Year’s Eve? If you search online, it’s likely that some of the first results will be from online travel agencies and third party booking sites. They may claim that they offer the best deals,...
  • Drive Safely!

    Driver Safety: New Tips for Road Trips

    NewsUSA For many, summer is about freedom on the open road. It’s a carefree time, focused on fun, family and adventures. What it’s usually not is a time to realize that more time on the road can mean a higher risk of an accident. In the U.S. alone, there...