Tackle the Tech Trouble

Your next tech-tastrophy could take many forms. Maybe it’s the quick flash out of your monitor screen, the smoke coming from your printer or that mysterious clunking sound your...


Your next tech-tastrophy could take many forms. Maybe it’s the quick flash out of your monitor screen, the smoke coming from your printer or that mysterious clunking sound your favorite device keeps making – just because you accidently dropped it one or five times.

If you’re a small business professional trying to manage the budget, the last thing you have lying around is extra money to replace what you already have. But breathe easily, because these terrible tech tragedies can be prevented. To help you keep your tech safe, Staples Tech Services has teamed up with tech and small business expert Ramon Ray for five tips you’ll want to upload into your daily lifestyle immediately.

Keep software updated

Software problems can render your devices unusable more quickly than hardware damage. To protect against malware and security breaches, your software should be updated regularly. This includes the definition updates for your antivirus software as well as your operating system, which has built-in protections against malware. Businesses with multiple pieces of equipment should make sure they update automatically rather than requiring administrators to manually update each device.

Line up emergency tech support

You rely on your equipment to be functional. So when it’s not, you need an affordable tech support service. For small businesses in particular, tech issues can impact productivity and the bottom line. Staples’ new Next Day Guarantee means that PCs brought in before noon are serviced by 5 p.m. the next day. Staples’ tech team will also handle problems like malware removal and PC tune-ups and select Staples stores will handle mobile repairs, including broken screens, poor batteries, and home buttons.

Educate your staff

Some of the biggest dangers faced by your organization relate to the behaviors of your employees. Poor password-management policies can lead to outsiders guessing your system passwords and finding a way into your databases. Employees can also let in malicious traffic by clicking on links in emails or on social media sites. Hire a technology expert to train your staff on responsible technology use and make sure you sit in on the class as well.

Keep it clean

Don’t discount the importance of keeping your PCs and servers clean. Over the course of multiple months, dust can build up inside desktop units and servers, and over time, that dust can cause components to work inefficiently. With a can of compressed air, cotton swabs and a cleaning cloth, you can keep the internal workings of your computer clean for as long as it’s in use.

Pay extra for quality

If you’re operating on a budget, as every business is, it can be tempting to opt for less expensive equipment, especially if you’re buying multiple items at once. However, less expensive devices can fail more quickly than some of the more expensive options. You’ll be better off for the long-term when you invest in high-quality equipment that will remain reliable for many years.

Your business depends on its technology every single day, so support your bottom line by employing the tips above to keep your tech running as long as possible. Because once you see the smoke, it’s already too late. For more technology help, see the experts at Staples Tech Services today.