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Hilbert Morales

Will American Democracy end up practicing fascism under this Trump Administration? A review of history brings up the ‘fascist leadership’ of Italy’s Il Duce, Benito Mussolini, then an ally of Nazi Germany’s Hitler during WW II which ended during 1945.

The Allied Forces led by CIC General Dwight Eisenhower defeated the Axis Nations (Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Imperial Japan). Today there are movies which relate epic events such as the successful Dunkirk evacuation of 400,000 British troops who had been overwhelmed by Nazi panzer blitzkrieg strategies.

Fortunately, Allied forces subdued Germany, Italy and Japan…because if the outcome were different, today the entire world could have been under a totalitarian governance such as fascism.

Fascism is a system of government marked by centralization under an authoritarian dictator (having) a capitalist economy subject to stringent governmental controls, (encouraging) violent suppression of the opposition, (which) typically (practices) a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism (Source: Wikipedia).

Think about this group of traits. Then recall and categorize the actions what Donald J. Trump has done using executive orders and continues to do with the help of his cabinet and White House staff. Is it possible for this American Democracy to become a ‘fascist democracy’?

YES! Absolutely! Especially if the U.S. Congress does not begin to legislate in a bipartisan manner which ensures debate, negotiation, and compromise.

Recall Trump’s disparaging remarks about Mexicans being criminals, rapists, and violent drug addicts. “Mexico ‘deports’ to America its worst, not its best,” declared Trump. That is why Trump proposed building a wall “paid for by Mexico” along their mutual border.

Recall Trump’s locker room bragging why he gets away with ‘non-consensual’ groping of women’s private body parts? Think of his privileged life where he was a successful draft dodger who never experienced any military service.

He now is the civilian Commander-in-Chief (CIC) of American military forces. As President, Mr. Trump is also this nation’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

During his presidential campaign, recall the times he disparaged, insulted, and abused individuals who disagree with him or question his false statements. As a candidate, Mr. Trump made up his ‘alternative facts’. When challenged, he practices retribution, bullying tactics, many of which are diversions. Has Trump ever apologized?

During rallies Trump used inflammatory language which was abusive; which projected his white supremacy beliefs. He tolerated no verbal questioning by members of the Press…which he undermined with his commentary. Recall ‘all that false news?’ Trump’s behavior has been copied by other authoritarian leaders (e.g., Venezuela; The Philippines).

Recall his first displays of ‘power and authority’ was to Reject America’s leadership role in the Paris Accord (voluntarily agreed to by 195 nations) whose objective was to deal with Climate Changes/Global Warming trends which are acknowledged and accepted by climate scientists.

Mr. Trump also rejected the Transpacific Trade Pact which the Obama Administration and 11 other Pacific Rim nations had crafted. “The NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) will be re-negotiated. I can get America a better deal,” declared Mr. Trump.

Mr. Trump dealt with North Korea in a very belligerent manner using his Tweets which often required White House Staff attempts to patch things up. “His RED BUTTON was bigger than North Korea’s button…and works too!”

This 45th President, his cabinet, and the Republican majority control of both chambers of the U.S. Congress has been a wrecking ball which passed a new IRS tax code which gave 83% of the tax breaks to corporations and the 0.1% wealthy. This nation’s corporations are doing so well that the S&P Stock index is now above 24,000 and employment is high (unemployment is below 4.5%).

Capitalistic imperialism is evident; so is the practice of keeping foreign and domestic plans ‘close to his chest’. When one reporter asked about the TPP pact, Mr. Trump’s answer was “you figure it out”. HIs mannerisms are very much authoritarian and self- serving as evidenced by the nepotism being practiced. No personal wealth information has been made available to the American Public, so it is impossible to determine if Mr. Trump meets the emoluments criteria of the U.S. Constitution…but then, Mr. Trump is used to making his own rules, which often never have been reviewed by White House staff. Our nation is experiencing an oligarchic authoritarian governance being applied and practiced.

The ideological objectives of this Republican Trump Administration are to eliminate 4 regulations for each new one put ‘in the books’. This is being done to eventually have a small federal government which is not able to perform, monitor, regulate, nor deliver services.

Recall having all federal agencies except the Department of Defense (The Pentagon) were required to reduce operational budgets by at least 25%. A goal is to reduce entitlements in Social Security Administration; Health and Human Services (Medicare & Medicaid), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Occupation, Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), reduction of national monuments and parks to allow for mining and oil drilling (especially along coastal waters).

Racism tendencies are indicated when Mr. Trump stated that he preferred immigrants from Norway rather than from Haiti or Africa. He had already insulted Mexicans along with all other people of color.

It seems Mr. Trump often does not know what he wants nor how to go about ‘getting it done’ using existing administrative organization structures. He demands loyalty to him as The President rather than patriotic loyalty to America.

Have you noticed that he never has anything good to say about any institution? His abrasive comments have been directed towards the Supreme Court; Department of Justice; FBI; U.S. Congress leaders; etc.

So, these traits we have experienced are similar to those of Fascist leader (Benito Mussolini, Dictator of Italy), which include a belligerent style; authoritarian; abusive; controlling; secretive (especially about Russia), racism, and capitalism, and more.

Trump may have initiated a TRADE WAR by placement of tariffs on steel and aluminum imports which may impact 150,000 jobs and impose $3 billion increase on vehicle purchases. All done without prior staff analysis nor input. It is all there!

Is there any wonder why Democratic Party leaders want to regain control of both chambers of Congress during this 2018 Midterm election year?

THE REJECTION OF FASCISM IS A NO-BRAINER. This will only happen when ‘We, The People’ plan to vote during the coming June 5th and November 6th Midterm Elections. ‘We, The People’ have the final say if and when enough of us VOTE. These 2018 Midterm elections need all your votes to thwart Mr. Trump’s imposition of fascism on America’s society and its economy.

Recent CNN (reports), “This may be the most serious thing Donald Trump has said as President. What did he say? Oh, just a casual comment about turning the U.S. Presidency into a dictatorship! And NEWSWEEK: President Trump tells Republican donors “China’s President for Life is a good idea that could happen in U.S. someday”.

[Finally] Republican Joe Scarborough said, “When Republicans ignore the fact that this man is talking about being “President for Life”, if they think Donald Trump is joking, then they are fools.” (Source: Pledge to Resist; (via Email, dated 03.05.2018 6:16 PM).