Cleft Lip & Palates

Awareness in Pups

Maryah Samarron /El Observador

Everyday our concerns for human health and well being are made aware. However, is it not every day in which we participate in the raising of awareness, and action towards, taking care of our loving, furry friends. Just like humans, some animals are born with deformities and/or birth defects which can sometimes be fatal if not cared for in immediate fashion. A Cleft Palate is a birth defect in which the palate does not not form to close completely, leaving a gap between the two halves of the roof of the mouth. This is a fairly common birth defect among the canine species.

When puppies are born with a cleft palate it is impossible for them to nurse; as they are unable to create suction with the open space in the roof of their mouth. Without immediate care and attention the effects could be fatal, as these puppies could starve to death. Although it is possible for a cleft to close naturally over time, it is best to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian before assuming so. After an examination, a vet can determine whether it is safe for the cleft to close naturally; or if the pup will need to undergo surgery.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of knowledge on how to care for a puppy with a cleft palate, or lack of funds to surgically repair the cleft; many puppies are taken to the vet to be put to sleep. I could only imagine how difficult it must be to come to a decision such as putting a pet to sleep. If you have been faced with this heart wrenching decision, please know there are options.

All over the internet, people are raising awareness and holding donation campaigns to save these puppies lives. Should your four-pawed companion give birth to one of these special pups, please know you could chose to give a puppy up for adoption, raise a donation campaign or even set up a “Go Fund Me” account to pay for the repairs.

Dr. Suess wrote, “ A person’s a person no matter how small.” I say, a life is a life, no matter the cost. And so I ask, coming from someone who was born with the human birth defect of a cleft lip and palate, please, consider your options before you choose to lay a life, even an animal life, to rest.

Our animals are our companions. They guard us, they protect us, and sit with us after we’ve had a long day of work. They grow with us as we raise our children and even sometimes rescue us from danger. It could be the life of an animal you choose to save, that can someday be saving you! For some more information refer to <>.