Three Pinterest-Worthy Cleaning Hacks


The snow is thawing, birds are chirping and winter’s effects on your house are more noticeable than ever. Muddy shoes, holiday parties and Christmas crafts are coming back to haunt you as new stains and odors. That’s why you’ll love these hassle-free spring-cleaning hacks to make your house shine again.

1.Use Leftover Bags to Declutter. Stains and dust bunnies will be invisible until the clutter has cleared. Use leftover holiday shopping bags and gift boxes to help you declutter. One for “put this away,” a second for “throw this away” and a third for “give this away.”

2.Arm Your Arsenal with Enzymes. Enzymes work without you, so choose a  non-toxic, enzyme-based cleaner to give clothes, couches and carpets new life.  Spray on spots or add to your laundry detergent or carpet cleaning machine and let the enzymes work their magic.

3.Dusters Are so Last Year. Toss your duster this spring and switch to a lint roller to remove dust and grime from surfaces such as bookshelves, fireplaces, tables, lamps and more, plus it’s a great solution for removing pet hair from furniture.

Cut cleaning time and enjoy family fun without the mess.