sanctuary city

  • Churches across the Bay Area and the country have come to the protection of community members as “sanctuary churches”. Photo Credit: CC BY 2.0/flickr/Allie_Caulfield

    “Sanctuary Churches” Are the New Refuge for Undocumented Immigrants

    Estephany Haro El Observador During these times of uncertainty in the immigrant community, there seems to be one place where they feel safer, their church. The immigrant community has a history of turning to their churches for any type of support, especially for shelter during rough times. Such is...
  • Photo Credit: Pixabay

    California, A Safe State for Undocumented Immigrants

    Estephany Haro El Observador On Monday, the California senate passed bill SB 54 in response of President Trump’s anti-immigration policies. The bill, proposed by California State Senate President Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) would apply a set of sanctuary policies statewide that would prevent law enforcement from working with...