• Next year could be better than ever if you resolve to follow five ideas. Photo Credit: NAPS

    Live Life Well: Keeping Your Resolutions In 2018

    NAPS The New Year is a wonderful time to not only evaluate your past, but also explore your goals for the year ahead. While it is common that health and fitness resolutions land at the top of people’s list, the truth is that achieving any goal in 2018 is...
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    How About New Year’s Resolutions That Work?

    American Counseling Association New Year’s resolutions might not seem like a great idea since few of us manage to keep them.  But making a smart resolution can do a number of good things for you. Making New Year’s resolutions that you’re sure to break is a bad idea. Broken...
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    Lest we forget what we can do as Latinos for ourselves, consider these resolutions for the 2016 New Year. This Op-Ed is directed to those whose parents were faithful readers of EO (1980-2000). Latino millennial youths have ‘smart electronic device savvy’, but should continue to go to El Observador...